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    I have 2 pre-'s
    1 Launch day touchpad.
    Case and touchstone.

    My phones are dying. My phone get used heavily - I run my business from it. Needs rebooting every other day or I don't get calls. The other pre's battery is only good for a couple of hours.

    I'm going to have to switch to another system. I haven't seen myself as an iphone person. Don't play games, rarely use media. They do have some business apps though.

    Haven't been a fan of android either. Really don't know a lot about it.

    I am a heavy phone and data user. Would love to get something that could connect to my main PC and few my accounting and MS Access stuff.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any response.
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    Nokia and WP7 for me...I guess. Next best platform for me
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    You and everybody else...

    I love WebOS. It works exactly how I want to work. And the new devices would have had me set for the next few years as long as there was software support, but alas that won't be the case...

    That being said, I honestly feel awful because I flat out do not like any other OS. I can't stand the singleness of iOS and Android is a mess. I guess I don't know much about Windows Phone. That might be the way to go considering I'm quite happy with Windows 7 on my PC... I just don't really like the Phone UI.
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    I'd really take a closer look at Android. There are a ton of really smart people working on Android and the Android 2.2 or higher experience is pretty awesome. You can also get pretty decent Android phones now for very little $$$.

    I hear Windows Phone 7 is actually not ****ty (like every MS mobile OS before it)... but haven't really used it myself. I know they are having trouble gaining users.

    The only other non-Apple option is Blackberry. Messaging and email use is like a dream... but everything else mostly sucks. They finally have a webkit browser, but generally have some of the least desirable hardware.

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    Windows Phone is the answer. Its the most natural transition for 2 reasons:

    - like webOS it has a great UI and the user experience is awesome
    - Second, in your case you use it for business purposes and it will integrate seamlessly with your existing MS Office apps.

    Plus its just the sexiest OS available.

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    I'll be waiting and see what a Win/Nokia phone brings to the table. Boss at work has a Win7 phone and likes it alot. I have a Zune which Win7, I hear, is based from...

    I guess the next tablet I get, if any, will be based off of Win8.
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    I am most likely going the Android route. I dont want to. But from everything Im hearing today, HP wont be making more phones. Which isnt necessarily bad if they license webOS out. But getting all that straightened out will take a while and probably not until next year, if that. I hate to say it but its time to move on and come back when webOS is in a better state.
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    I have and support iOS, Android, WebOS, Win 7 phone, and Blackberry OS devices. I find Win 7 Phone to be the most confusing and the worst of all. I actually think Win 8 phone will be based on an entirely different OS.

    It matters what you want. If you are just looking for email, Blackberry can work fine. If you are looking for Apps (both for business and fun), nothing beats iOS. If you are looking for variety, Android would be a good choice.
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    I am just going to get an iPhone 5 and be done with it. Android is too janky and BlackBerry is next.
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    Pre + still holding out and doing most of what I need it too.
    I have some time. Probably a toss up between Android or Win 7, with the latter holding more interest..

    Do you really think a Samsung or a HTC would touch WebOS after this?
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    Get an iOS device and be happy with it. You really cant beat it and you get can every app you can imagine, be it games or "business apps"

    RIP webos
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    Sign. I am in a similar boat. At least one thing is pretty clear, I can stay with Sprint.

    I just looked at Motorola Photon 4G. Looks pretty good and it is a World phone. But I don't know how well I will adapt with the UI.
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    As much as i don't want to say it, My next phone with either be an IOS or BB device. They are the only two options out there that allow local syncing of all of my PIM data without having to purchase or rely on third party software. I like WinPho7, but like android they want you to use google or some other cloud service to sync all of your data. I use my phone for business and keep some proprietary data on there that i don't want on the cloud, but do want to sync between my phone and desktop. I'm still hoping to find something I can work with on WinPho7 that will not force me to put my data in the Cloud.
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    WP7 looks good but it is based on two Microsoft products that have a very bleak future. Microsoft's commitment to it's dev platform, Silverlight, is fading fast and HTML5 seems to be replacing it. Also Windows CE is also going nowhere especially when the Windows core is getting lighter and lighter with the ability to run on ARM. Even if Microsoft doesn't outright kill Windows CE it will just be the red-headed stepchild to Microsoft.

    MeeGo also looks good but somehow Microsoft killed this OS too by making a deal with Nokia. It still has Intel behind it, but Intel doesn't make phones.

    QNX looks nice, mainly because they ripped webOS so heavily, but RIM is bleeding money and probably won't be in the consumer market much longer. Sprint already canceled the 4G version of the Playback.

    So it looks like the only good answer is to wait for Google to acquire the rest of Palm's talent and get some future version of Android with all the things I like about webOS integrated.
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    Only thing to do now is wait. I'm not giving up on the only tablet I actually enjoy using until something better comes along. I hope HP is successful in licensing out webOS. I would like to see Lenovo get it and put it on their upcoming Thinkpad Tablet. If it wasn't for Android, I'd probably have waited and got it instead of the TP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bo View Post
    As much as i don't want to say it, My next phone with either be an IOS or BB device.
    I absolutley despise anything made by Apple. Can't stand them. I have a Blackberry Torch, and I'm sad to say that think Blackberry is the next in line to die. We are running out of options for iOS alternatives. It's turning into a monopoly very quickly.
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    If you are running a business from your webOS devices I'd say stick with them longer. You'll be able to get WebOS devices pretty cheaply on EBay. Go the Pre2 route for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messerschmitts View Post
    I absolutley despise anything made by Apple. Can't stand them. I have a Blackberry Torch, and I'm sad to say that think Blackberry is the next in line to die. We are running out of options for iOS alternatives. It's turning into a monopoly very quickly.
    Huh, Apple doesn't even have the biggest marketshare.
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    interesting reading but apple is being fought tooth and nail by android. yea android is a mess but with the guys at xda around you will sure be able to find a custom android OS to suit ya needs. hey if smart enough could even make your own. thats where the mess comes from as all this open source goodness was never monitored like the worldwide web in the early days. blackberry soon dead and wp7 will fizzle out! the way apple is suing everyone we need android to stick around! microsoft just dont have a clue where mobile platforms are concerned but who knows what nokia can add. with webos dead it would have been good to see the Meego OS being supported by nokia. the n9 looks amazing but dead in the water as well! damn
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    Huh, Apple doesn't even have the biggest marketshare.
    They may not have the biggest marketshare but they have the biggest mindshare when it comes to consumer confidence. I know people that just have an iphone just because it's popular, never download apps and just use it for a phone. Crazy I know, and Android just reminds me so much of Winmo with all of the tinkering you can do with the device to try to get more out of it and make it your own. I like being able to do that but want to have to do that just to make my phone usable and I don't trust using google services. I don't even like the fact that you can get an upclose picture of my house using their Navigation software...It's no telling what they've seen when I've kept my blinds open or didn't have any blinds up at one time. I know it's not their satallites but still...LOL!!!
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