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  • Keep it.

    109 49.10%
  • Sell it.

    44 19.82%
  • Toss it.

    33 14.86%
  • Eat it.

    36 16.22%
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    returned it. was on the last day to return @ best buy.

    cant believe i wasted money on the case and induction charger. waiting for my RMA from HP.

    boo @ you hp...

    Planning on staying tablet-less until something better comes out. Not a fan of android or ipads. I can almost bet youll be able to get a touchpad for $100 in the future.

    I recommend returning it if you can before the cracks near the speakers appear.
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    I just ordered a 32Gb model for $250, and this was a couple of days ago... I know why.

    I think I'll keep it because what you can get for the same price with Android is really nothing to write home about. I'm confident that the homebrew community will keep the Touchpad alive!
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    So I returned it, will get 3 tomorrow for the same price. Yay!

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Does the app store still work?

    Sent from my EVO 3D
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    HP: $99 - $15 (SAVE15HP) for 16gb version
    $149 -$30*(SAVE30HP) for 32gb version (may need one cent filler)

    good luck guys.
    Treo 750 unbranded T-mobile, HTC WIZARD 8125 T-MOBILE (broken), Treo 650 T-mobile 1.43/1.14 OS 5.4.8 Garnet (sold).
    Dell X50v, X30 624Mhz and HP ipaq h2210 h1945.

    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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