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    As of right now, I can get a free android phone. I hate saying that but as much as I LOVE webOS and my Pre Plus, I cant look forward to buying a Pre 3 anymore if HP stops development and NOTHING comes out of it. HP needs to tell us the future of webOS in the next couple hours. This is sad.
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    Wonder if we still will receive any software updates for our devices.
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    Yes, it's dead. If you think it will be saved you are mistaken. I love it too, but it's been a disaster since day one. I say let's get together, in different cities, pour one out together. talk about the good times, the hacking, the patching, the coulda wouldas. Put it to rest like ii deserves. Who's in?
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    R.I.P. webOS. Life moves fast.

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    To all of you who just called me a troll yesterday, time to eat some crow.
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    are you nuts? no brainer... return it and then a month from now you can rebuy it at dollar store for $99! i seriously might buy one if they do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    I have 24 hours to decide whether to return my TP to staples. Shame, I was extremely happy with it.
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    This is getting me REALLY ****ED.


    Like I said RETURNING my touchpad and getting it DIRT cheap.
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    Hey HP.

    Thank you for ****ING US HARD IN THE ***.

    -Your outraged WebOS community
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    Perhaps one of the Android device manufacturers will buy/licence WebOS in response to the Google/Motorola deal??

    If so, it *could* end up being a good thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I suspect the "dead" proclamation might be a bit premature. HP discontinues development, but does "someone else" pick it up.

    I may have a different attitude by the end of the week, but right now, I don't believe that HP would risk selling new devices, only to completely kill the line days later.
    Thinking the same thing, as well as all the other things they have been doing. For this to be announced like this, it has been in the works, there is other things going on we are not yet aware of.
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    Goodbye webOS. Hopefully i'll see you on a Samsung here in a year.

    Hello new Samsung Android ICS with Super AMOLED HD screen in October.
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    With as many Touchpads that are out there, you'll be able to pick them up for $150 in a month.

    Android phone developers praise the Google/ Motorola deal. It represents the bulk of HTC and Samsung's business.

    Resistance is futile.
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    I'd like to return my Touchpad, but I already sent in the Early adopter rebate for my late July purchase, sigh. Without the UPC, it wont be returnable and now I will have a $400 paperweight, as we wont be getting any more updates (I need document editing and better PDF support) and all developer support will disappear.
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    Seriously, I do want the SMS on my Touchpad feature.
    Besides the two devices together will command a huge fortune in a few years as they'll be rare collectors items.
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    Galaxy tab and Android phones on the way for me I guess.
    What a shame.
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    Like I said if you bought it within 2 weeks RETURN IT and then buy it again come September. Going to be DIRT cheap.
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    To quote Verbal Kint.... "and just like that... *poof*... he was gone."

    So can NOW the people who kept bashing us who were rationally seeing the writing on the wall as "bashers" eat a bit of crow?

    It kills me to see this, but if we are honest, we were all sitting on a sinking ship for weeks. Just made my next phone purchase less complicated. Thanks for the memories precentral, but I guess there's no need to continue lamenting.
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    Apple has more cash on hand then the US government.
    And they were the next high bidder to HP the last time around.
    Apple can outbid anyone if they want to.

    In a way it may be better because they can take the cards and all the cool features and put them into ios.

    And honestly... you know when they implement features... they dont do half-**** like palm or hp did.

    Quote Originally Posted by tirk View Post
    Perhaps one of the Android device manufacturers will buy/licence WebOS in response to the Google/Motorola deal??

    If so, it *could* end up being a good thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by finngirl View Post
    Didn't Palm/HP get moved under the PC division? Or am I misremembering that?
    Actually, it was under PSG, which is also being reported as a potential spinoff.
    If you type PreCentral on a TouchPad
    It changes to PreMenstrual
    That situation needs to be fixed!

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