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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Can someone photoshop HP's logo on to this? At work and I don't have Photoshop.
    Here's my weak attempt:
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    Hmm... blocked at work as expected...

    And it looks like the market isn't responding well to HP's stupidity and short-sightedness either...

    H-P Shares Dive to 6-Year Low -

    6 year low.
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    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

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    My quick attempt as well:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    because he doesnt want to be in the consumer pc business...
    he's a software/services guy... he came from SAP... he wants to be IBM.

    hp with 17billion in cash and he will spend 10-12billion in acquistion of a sw company,
    he will sell webos to the highest bidder to put back in the bank.

    Quote Originally Posted by zeedale View Post
    Even though HP is still profiting from its BSG PC group, how is it to their advantage to jettison this division? Profit is profit, and HP would still gain some, although for BSG, it's a relatively small margin.

    So again, how will this move gain HP more money in the longterm?
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    What I find totally insipid about this whole thing ... Unlike IBM (who has been well known for a long time as a business leader in not just hardware but software as well), HP has always been known first, foremost and almost exclusively for its consumer hardware.

    I can understand the CEO seeing the writing on the wall, but what he did in response to that writing is stupid. I can understand making a statement that you're getting out of the Mobile Device market. Everyone knows the TP is doing terribly and the Palm devices are not even in the same market share graph with iPhones, Androids or Blackberries. But why walk away from consumer hardware? Even if it's hardly making any profit, you *have* to grin and bear that as that is what you are known for. It's just bad business because it makes you look weak. Yes, the results are going to come out and people will known stuff is not going well but if you make the statement about mobile devices then that blow will already be softened because you have the appearance of doing something.

    Then, if software is what you really want to get into, you start a new company and put a lot of capitol behind that new start-up and see how it does. If it thrives then you absorb it into the parent company. If it fails as well then you slice it off and try your hand at something new again.

    I mean, wow ... talk about overreacting. Who's running this company now? Jim Carrey?

    As far as Palm and WebOS are concerned. Someone will buy Palm simply for the IP. Too valuable to just let go. But they probably will have no desire to do anything with the actual company or its products. The only possibility I could see someone like Google buying it to get the IP and then putting a team together to put together some form of Android that could function on a Palm. I could see this happening just so they could help ensure that the current market share that Palm phones represents goes to them and not a competitor. But that would all have to happen very quickly and it sounds like this will drag out. That longer it drags out, the smaller Palm's share becomes and less likely anyone will want to do anything to keep it.

    WebOS ... well WebOS is probably dead. Even if it's bought, it's not gonna get bought for the OS itself but for its patents. When I told people we had just got smartphones they asked if it was an android or an iphone. When I responded that it was a Palm Pre+, they repeated the question ... "so is that android or iphone?" People, for the most part, don't know that WebOS exists. They're vaguely aware that Blackberry or Windows Phone exist. What benefit does any company gain from trying to revive it? HP's run it into the ground because they assumed their name would sell the products and put no effort into truly making it work.

    Is it an awesome OS? I believe so. But does that sell phones? No. Name and Apps sell and WebOS hardly has either. It's possible that someone like Google could try to blend it into some of their existing applications to make the "best of both worlds" scenario but then they're introducing changes to their existing clients ... and messing with an application that has already proven it can thrive as-is. I just don't see any reasonable scenario where WebOS survives ... unless some company wants to be "their own man" and think they can "make it work" ... but that would have to be done by some goliath that can actually pull it off and I don't see any suitors matching that criteria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovedessert View Post
    Hi thanks all,

    However RIM/BB is not too far from the same position that HP/Palm is in now....One sinking ship is enough for me!

    I assume I will now get a Android phone, not that anyone I know who has one loves it....but some have keyboards....

    WP7's new OS & phones are an option, however how many apps are there & how are the reviews for the OS?

    The Igod phone is out b/c IJobs has had a multi year hissy fit and won't allow a phone with a keyboard or a removable battery!

    Take care,

    Jay RIM has QNX, which is better than WebOS in the fact it is extremly stable, and much faster than WebOS. Only if the Co-Ceos weren't so arrogant...
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    I jumped ships to android - Photon 4G - three weeks ago and I'm glad. I got tired of waiting for a Pre release on Sprint and happy I left before this stupid HP debacle of WebOS.
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    kinda funny....Touchpads are selling in droves now at $100 and $150 for the 16 and 32 gb models respectively. For that price I bit on the 32gb. And anyone that just picked up a cheap touchpad can go pricematch or return and buy elsewhere. Office Depot online and Walmart in store are already live with the prices.
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    I do really think WebOs is dead.
    The only thing I regret is that I DID really want the WebOs 2.2 update to use skype and free calls with my girlfriend ...
    I don't see how HTC or samsung would be interested in producing phones with WebOs.
    I'll use my Pre2 untill it breaks and then I'll move to WP7 mango.

    Good luck everybody.
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    I'm playing with a Dell Venue Pro. Love the hardware (except you can't double click the fn to lock in number mode. completely dumb), but I'm not seeing the allure of wp7. It's so limiting. Those big block icons take up so much wasted space. the app drawer is a long single row. The home screen or app drawer is just a long continuous scroll of a list. It doesn't snap to screens. So trying to organize anything doesn't really help. IE is limited. No flash, and I watch movies on Amazon all the time. I have to look at people's faces on my People icon yet I can't get any of my agenda on the giant calendar icon. After having it for a week, outside of looking polished and smooth, I don't see the allure at all. It's just not very functional and wastes a ton of usable space. And I'm not 80 with cataracts, I want info, not icons bigger than my thumb with print I can read from across the room. OK, rant over
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    its just a shame hp totally ruined webos and it's rep, what very little it had. im sad to see webos go away, i would of came back with the right phone. hp/palm should be ashamed of themselves right now. doesn't look like any maker wants to touch it .
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    Quoting my own post, but who would've seen this fire sale coming. I couldn't resist hopping on board with a 32gb. And of course for all my ripping of how things went, I still have this glimmer of hope a decent mfg licenses it, gives it the hardware it deserves, and webOS makes a resurgence with devs hopping on board.

    Maybe the timing of it all will work in their favor. Google and Moto tying the knot. A couple (or few) hundred thousand touchpads getting into people's hands to see how the OS can really shine against the other OS's. I did forget how elegant the OS was compared to the more down and dirty Android OS which just had more functionality. Some of the peeves are still there. No doc editing, no home screen like agenda view and so forth. So I can't retire my Transformer anytime soon. And I do wish it was 16:10. Movies really shine on a 10" widescreen compared to the big black bars on the TP turning it into an 8" screen.

    Time will tell. C'mon HTC. Step up to the plate. If any company & OS could compete against the potential Googlorola (if treatment really does end up favoring moto) it would be HTC and webOS. Seriously, solid 4" phone hardware with a push for a card slot and hdmi out could really attract some attention. Come out with a slate and slider together, and I'd give webOS another go as a daily driver, provided Quick Office follows through. I use DTG daily on my Epic.

    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    And may the Touchpad returns begin. I know four people alone that were bragging to me about their $300 Touchpad. And they are all now getting returned. So funny way back when, a few of us talked about webOS being dead in less than two years. We were scorned, hated, mocked, you name it. Shame to be right.

    I'd love to mock and say I told you so, but I'd rather see it go into the hands of HTC. You could throw webOS on any of their premium slates and have an instant hit. Pay some of the key devs to create the core apps it needs to succed (like an Office suite already), and you'd be able get the ball rolling quickly. HTC would have a nice fallback in case Google starts to screw them and show Moto way too much love.

    I know I'd give webOS another shot if they had premium hardware and an Office suite. Put it on a Venue Pro I'd be happy, a Droid 3 I'd be ecstatic.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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