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    Well, thankfully for me I'm upgrading in December, so I'll just pass next four months on my Pre 2. Was actually hoping to be able to sell it for a little bit of $$ on Ebay when I got the Pre 3 in December. Now I won't be able to do either!

    Wait...Ebay does have an "antiques" category....
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    It sounds like they're going to be disabling HP Profiles. That's just unbelievable.
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    To recap thus far: Leo's
    spent three minutes killing PSG and webOS, and the rest of the time talking about the importance of enterprise.
    And that's how webOS dies -- as a brief mention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    I'm not sure anyone truly believed it was a marathon deep down.
    I really hope you are right. It would be madness if someone believed.

    Anyway, in marathon you have to run. Hp took other approach - jumping in circles on one leg.. it's not miracle they bailed out while race is still on.
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    Its not the first time that the best has been killed off...
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    I smell a class action lawsuit coming regardless whether it has merit or not.
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    Just read THIS article on Bloomberg. It's not looking good for WebOS lovers.
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    TouchPad and Pre3 dead in Q4, sorry but ****!
    Pilot 5000 > Pre > Pre2 > Pre3 > Galaxy Nexus
    TouchPad > Galaxy Tab 8.9
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    Little late to the party there, aren't ya? lol
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    Its not the first time that the best has been killed off...
    the best is insulting to apple/android. What you should have said is "It had potential to be the best for 2+ years now"
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    Well unless there is a glimmer of hope after HPs statement, i will probably be getting an Android phone in the next day or two. Not because Im one of those people who are just jumping ship because there is no hope. But I recently added my Girlfriend to my Verizon plan and I am able to get a FREE phone now. Thats the main reason. The deal is only temporary so I have to make the decision soon. And with this news, I dont see anything good happening with webOS. I love the OS and I love my Pre Plus. But I have been waiting for a new phone and I am not rich. A free upgrade is pretty appealing. When HP gets there stuff together and a new webOS phone comes out, you can count on me getting that. But I need to make a decision, and I need to make it now. This is a sad day.

    I need uplifting support. lol
    Back to webOS with my new Touchpad!!!
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    3:24 pm "About a year ago, we made a bet on webOS. At that time we set clear metrics and milestones to measure success. The sellthough of the TouchPad was not what we expected. Our expectation was to establish TouchPad as the clear number 2 platform in tablets."

    3:25 pm "It was clear that pricing parity would not generate demand, and we cut prices by $100."

    3:25 pm "WebOS would require significant investments over the next five years, generating risk without clear rewards."

    3:25 pm That was harsh.

    3:26 pm On to printing now, with nary a pause for breath. This is ice cold.

    3:28 pm Listening to montone printer division results after hearing webOS get eviscerated is like some kind of terrible nightmare.
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    The earnings announcement includes words like "Shutdown hardware" and "figure out how to leverage software."

    So we will have to wait to see if webOS is dead along with the HP hardware.
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    It's the final countdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toy4x4 View Post
    The earnings announcement includes words like "Shutdown hardware" and "figure out how to leverage software."

    So we will have to wait to see if webOS is dead along with the HP hardware.
    I don't think webos will die it has too much value as being a viable OS for many devices, just not hp branded smartphones or tablets!

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    lol, 2 minutes of talking of webos and then right onto printers
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    I'm hoping this moves to the licensing model like with Android. But I ain't holding my breath.
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    Richard Kerris tweet:
    @richardkerris: #HP #webOS is an awesome software platform & we can explore the best hardware partner for it!
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    No way they shut down palm profiles if they want to sell/license webos out.
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    And may the Touchpad returns begin. I know four people alone that were bragging to me about their $300 Touchpad. And they are all now getting returned. So funny way back when, a few of us talked about webOS being dead in less than two years. We were scorned, hated, mocked, you name it. Shame to be right.

    I'd love to mock and say I told you so, but I'd rather see it go into the hands of HTC. You could throw webOS on any of their premium slates and have an instant hit. Pay some of the key devs to create the core apps it needs to succed (like an Office suite already), and you'd be able get the ball rolling quickly. HTC would have a nice fallback in case Google starts to screw them and show Moto way too much love.

    I know I'd give webOS another shot if they had premium hardware and an Office suite. Put it on a Venue Pro I'd be happy, a Droid 3 I'd be ecstatic.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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