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    Hi Everyone - Sometimes I like to close cards by dragging them to the bottom and letting them go. When I did this, it was making a cool sound when I would drag the card down, like a stretching rubber band. Then when I let go it made sort of a "weeeeee" kind of sound.

    I rebooted the TouchPad (felt sluggish after playing Angry Birds Rio). Now it just makes the normal "swish" sound when dragging to the bottom and letting go.

    How do I get the other sound back??
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    Turn it upside down :-)

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    What RedMist said

    That sound effect only works in the horizontal orientation with the home button on the left side and speaker ports facing up (rather than down).

    Have fun! Silly but suprisingly addictive inclusions in the TP, very happy overall user so far.
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    Thanks guys. When I play Angry Birds it only works in the upside down position. That must be how I got oriented that way. It is silly, but I like it :-)
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    Yup, I think "technically" with the speakers facing down or towards the user is considered the correct way around (this is the orientation that full screen videos will be displayed in).

    And then, the "easter egg" that is the Angry Birds sound effect thus works when you have the tablet "upside down".
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    If this helped you hit thanks.

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