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  • I DID receive the promo code in my Palm Profile account, and DID receive an email

    69 52.67%
  • I DID receive the promo code in my Palm Profile account, but did NOT receive an email

    14 10.69%
  • I did NOT receive the promo code in my Palm Profile account, but DID receive an email

    0 0%
  • I did NOT receive the promo code in my Palm Profile account, and did NOT receive an email

    32 24.43%
  • I'm not eligible, so I do not expect a promo code

    16 12.21%
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    On August 6th, HP's Jon Zilber blogged "If you've previously purchased a TouchPad in the U.S. between July 1 and August 4 (at or participating resellers), we've got something extra headed your way, too: a credit for $50 in the App Catalog to help you get even more out of your new TouchPad. Look for an email with the details next week. You'll want to make sure the email address associated with your TouchPad is an address you currently use so that you'll receive the email we'll be sending with the details."

    I'm curious as to what people's experience has been. I'm still working with HP to get this. Please respond to the poll above. Thanks.
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    Still waiting...
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    I'm one that is still waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    Still waiting...
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    Still waiting - haven't had the time or patience yet to jump through HP's "customer service" hoops to *prove* I'm worthy of the credit, I guess... :P

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    I found the code on my profile a couple days before the email.
    The link in the email made using it more convenient. I hope everyone gets an email soon.
    "Be excellent to each other!" -Bill & Ted
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    as already said...TP buyed at amazon USA, first activated (and currently live) in Germany. No coupon.
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    Purchased on 7/31, received code and email. For those still waiting, why don't you contact HP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstark View Post
    Purchased on 7/31, received code and email. For those still waiting, why don't you contact HP?
    Oh we did...MANY Many times!!! Thankfully HardBeatZ (HP Support) was nice enough to lend a hand and expedite things for me. Looking forward to a fix in a week and thankfully bunches of new apps to look forward too. Sorli...
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    Just by chance - does activating your Touchpad automatically provide HP with your e-mail, or do you have to do something else?

    I got my Touchpad launch day at Walmart, logged into my Palm Profile, and have had no problems. I'm enjoying the $50 credit, and am anxiously awaiting document editing to purchase!
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    Still waiting for an email and/or Promo code...
    Proud owner of a TouchPad, a Pre3 and a Veer!
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    My e-mail arrived a few days ago, and following the link on my TouchPad activated the credit on my account. Bought Glyder 2 HD and NomNomNom with it, no problems.
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    Received and enjoying. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstark View Post
    Purchased on 7/31, received code and email. For those still waiting, why don't you contact HP?
    As sorli mentioned, many of us have. I contacted HP this past Monday and they told me to that the App Promo Codes weren't officially launching until yesterday (Wed).

    HardBeatz then posted his FAQ and mentioned to contact HP Support (again) if we haven't received anything yet.

    So, I contacted HP again and they asked me to fax my receipt and a bunch of other info and they will "call me back within 24-48 hours". They called me last night and asked "did you get your promo code" and I said "no" so they said "we'll escalate this" and I'm supposed to get a call back in another 24-48 hours.

    Kind of ridiculous process if you ask me. I've been a Pre- owner since July 1, 2009 and bought the TouchPad on 7/1/11 just after midnight. Palm/HP kind of make it painful to be an early adopter.

    I only put up with all of their BS because I really like WebOS. At some point, though, being an ignored customer isn't worth it. Android/Apple may not be much better, but at some point HP's lack of execution will make me at least consider looking elsewhere.
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    Still no app credit as of 8/19/11. Just chatted with an HP rep at 5:30pm CT who wasn't any help. Here's the conversation. I have changed the name of the rep.

    5:17 PM Connecting...
    5:17 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    5:19 PM Support session established with HP_Rep.
    5:20 PM Eric Black: hello.
    5:20 PM HP_Rep: Hi Eric.
    5:20 PM HP_Rep: Thank you for contacting HP webOS Customer Support.
    5:20 PM HP_Rep: Please give me a moment to review the info you provided.
    5:24 PM HP_Rep: Eric, I am checking the status with my supervisor. I appreciate your patience.
    5:28 PM HP_Rep: Thank you for waiting.
    5:28 PM HP_Rep: Eric, I see that you have received the call back.
    5:29 PM Eric Black: They called me yesterday. Asked if I had received the promo code. I said "no". They said that they needed to escalate it.
    5:29 PM HP_Rep: The proof of purchase is updated on our side so that you will receive the Promo Code.
    5:29 PM HP_Rep: I understand, the process is still going on and you will receive the Promo Code.
    5:29 PM Eric Black: I know that HP is killing the Touchpad, but since I have spent over $700 on it, have been a webOS user since July 2009, I'm hoping that HP will honor the app credit offer that they've extended.
    5:30 PM HP_Rep: We have updated your Proof of Purchase.
    5:30 PM Eric Black: I have been told THREE times "don't worry, it's coming". However, I've also been told "all emails were sent out two days ago".
    5:30 PM Eric Black: So, I guess your answer to me is "wait some more"?
    5:31 PM HP_Rep: Yes please.
    5:32 PM Eric Black: Ok, I'll go update people at precentral. In an unofficial poll, 32% of the respondents there haven't received their promo code yet either.
    5:32 PM Eric Black: Even though an HP rep said all promo codes were sent out no later than two days ago. Frustrating for a long-time webOS user
    5:33 PM Eric Black: So how long should I wait before I try to ask HP again about it?
    5:35 PM HP_Rep: I request you to be patience and wait for more couple days.
    5:35 PM Eric Black: sure. Don't have any choice. Thanks.
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    for those still waiting.. please check your spam folder if it is inside. not the INBOX. mine was.
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    Still nothing and I'll probably call them tomorrow or login and chat with someone again. Everything about this week has been bitter, HP could at least come though with their offers and amends. Sorli...
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    Also still haven't heard anything about the promo code. I contacted HP web chat on Friday and spoke to some guy named "Arnold". Based on the jumbled English and the way he typed things I'm guess that wasn't his name. In the end he told me I'd be getting a call sometime this up coming week to see if the issue has been resolved. I'll post back after the call.
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    Ok, just chatted with HP AGAIN. This is the FOURTH chat I've had with them about it. This chat took 20+ minutes to actually get a person, and then another 20 minutes chatting. Bottom line, "they're still working on the issue", which means "no code for me yet".

    Even though HP has killed their entire product, they seemingly still like to use the "coming soon" story still.

    9:55 PM HP_Rep: Hi.
    9:55 PM Me: hello
    9:55 PM HP_Rep: Thank you for contacting HP webOS customer support. Please give me a moment to review the info you provided.
    10:01 PM HP_Rep: Sorry for the delay.
    10:03 PM HP_Rep: I'llbe happy to assist you.
    10:03 PM Me: ok
    10:04 PM HP_Rep: Did you receive any emails?
    10:04 PM Me: as I've explained in previous chats, NO.
    10:04 PM Me: that's what HP is supposed to be FIXING. They were either supposed to send an email and/or put the promo code in my Palm Profile.
    10:06 PM HP_Rep: Sorry, I just went through the previous chat.
    10:08 PM HP_Rep: And I checked this case is already under investigation, our engineers are working in it.
    10:09 PM HP_Rep: You will b notified as soon as the issue is been fixed.
    10:10 PM Me: so is there any estimated timeframe for when it will be fixed? I have provided all proof of purchase, on 8/17 the HP chat person said "The proof of purchase is updated on our side so that you will receive the Promo Code."
    10:10 PM Me: Does it take the engineers over 5 days to type a promo code into my Palm Profile?
    10:11 PM Me: (correction, guess it has only been 4 days)
    10:12 PM HP_Rep: We have identified this issue with few customers and our engineers are working on it.
    10:12 PM Me: so when should I chat with HP again if I don't receive the code "soon"? One day, two days, three days?
    10:15 PM HP_Rep: I am sorry, as of now I can't tell you the timeframe.
    10:15 PM HP_Rep: If you need more help you can call our voice support team.
    10:16 PM HP_Rep: You can contact our Voice Support team for webOS products at: 877-426-3777. Support is available Mon-Fri from 6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM PST and Sat-Sun from 8:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST.
    10:16 PM Me: ok. I know you're just the messenger, but HP is really goofed up.
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    I still have not gotten mine. They are telling me I have to fax my receipt to them. I don't have a fax machine, so I screwed. Maybe I can guy a fax machine from them and they will abandon fax machines a few weeks later.
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