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    Having owned a Pre- and recently upgrading to a Pre2 it seemed only natural to get myself a HP Touchpad.

    Having received the Touchpad today I'm left asking a couple minor questions.

    Firstly, from browsing these forums and watching numerous youtube videos I was of the impression that most tablets came preloaded with a number of applications. I note that mine was only showing the permanent system and utility apps (photos, music etc).

    So I ask, have I been mistaken or do non-eu Tablets benefit from pre-loaded apps? If so, what reasoning is there for my UK purchased tablet to be left out?

    In a similar vein, I'm wondering why my App catalog doesn't boast all the Apps available on the US app store. Is there any way I can reach these apps, many of which are highly recommended within this forum.

    Finally, I managed to pair my Pre2 with the TP via bluetooth. The settings indicate that I can receive calls and transmit SMS, yet I have only been able to do the former. I ran a search and realised that at present only Pre3's can achieve a full-sync which allows web-touch-transfer and SMS sharing but is there likely to be an update which will make such things possible with a Pre2?

    Regards, Yalden.

    P.S. My software is 3.0.0, will the tablet auto-update or do I need to somehow initiate this? My phones have always notified me automatically, so far I've yet to receive anything!
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    You've got to initialize the 3.0.2 update (at least I had to). Go to the launcher, "settings" pane, then look for "system update".

    Apps in the catalog are region specific, I believe.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll try the update once connected to my home wifi as am currently tethered through my mobile device.

    Such a shame on the difference in apps, I see no reason for it...

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    sms only works with pre-3
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    The difference in apps has been around since the beginning, and yes, from what I have read, the update should correct the other issue.
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    my TP upgraded on its own. I didn't select the upgrade, I was asked a few times if I wanted to upgrade but I wanted to work on the original version for a while to see if I could replicate a lot of the problems the reviewers had. I woke up one morning and it said it had updated to the new release.
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    the reason why you may not get all the apps available in the us is because developers may not make specific apps outside the us. When they submit their app I believe there's a button where they want their app available for download.

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