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    Just sent in $15 from me, more to come when i get paid next :P Thanks again guys!

    EDIT: Just threw in another $15 for a total for $30
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    $25 from me. Loved ALL the stuff I used on my original Pre - even now so stable and fast despite it's age. Got my TouchPad a week about and really looking forward to the patches, tweeks and kernals to buzz it up. Big Thanks to WebOS-Internals and the gang.
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    Just kicked in $100. Ty to Rod and the entire wOSI crew.
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    Wow, we broke $2000 in less than 12 hours... is this community amazing, or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasetroncs View Post
    Wow, we broke $2000 in less than 12 hours... is this community amazing, or what?
    This community, for all the complaining that we see in posts sometimes, never ceases to absolutely amaze me. Wow... just wow.

    Current tally: $2109.00
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    For some reason I liked the sound of $21. Turns out it was a nice rounder. Cheers to the awesome webosinternals clan!
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    I just sent in $20.
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    Just sent 10 €. Thanks for all you're doing that make WebOS the best smartphone OS.
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    I'm in for my little piece. I'll be sure to pitch in more once my TouchPad app goes live!
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    In for $50
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    I sent in $10 for now which is hopefully but a downpayment for a larger donation in the future. In the past week or so alone, I have not only converted my Sprint Pre to a FrankenPre thanks to y'all, but overclocked my Touchpad. Hoping that a new contract position becomes a reality, then I can contribute a larger share for "taking" the goodies this site and this group has allowed me to take.
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    Transferred $20. More to come soon.

    Thanks to the amazing people and the amazing work they are doing. Go webOS!
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    $50 sent

    Thanks guys!
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    donated another $50.

    Thanks for all the great work, not just for the work, but helping to build up the community!
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    Donated $20.

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    Just donated $50. If webOS Internals didn't exist I might not have even bought my Pre- or my TouchPad.
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    Just donated $50. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    In for $25. Thanks for your commitment!
    Pre 3, webOS 2.2.4 on O2 Germany, TP 32 GB
    ~Coitans fer Windoze~
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    Another $77 from my side! Thanks for all your hard work @ internals. Very appreciated!
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    $50 more. Resisting in Spain with a Pre- only for your hard work. Thank you.
    Spanish translator of Outline Tracker, UberCalendar, sconix's advanced patches, and other MIA webOS apps. HP Pre 3 and HP TouchPad 64 GB (Español_España, es_es)
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