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    Just donated $16. Long live webOS!
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    It's payday, so here's an extra $100 over the mark.

    Confirmation number: 3VP71176H8024923M
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    You all all AWEsome!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    You all all AWEsome!!
    So, think you can use some of that money to bribe some HP people into releasing those AT&T destined Pre 3s?
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    LOL... unfortunately we're still about 5 grand shy of just being able to buy webOS outright.
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    $35 from me
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    $35 from me. Sorry I'm late to the party. I've been Pre3 hunting in Europe.
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    $50 from me this morning. Looking forward to my first preware experience soon! Thanks for all you do.

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    Just donated $20.
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    $40 more from me. Thanks for all you do!
    Check out Paper Basketball Plus! A toss it / paper toss style game with achievements, timed mode, moving targets and more! Buy 1 app, use it on pixi / veer / pre / touchpad all in full resolution! It's neat. I swear. For reals.
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    $8 from me. Working on our Dave Ramsey debt snowball but it's the beginning of the month so this is a portion of my $30 monthly "blow" budget. Thanks for all you do!
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    I'm in for $100. Worth every penny, and then some.

    Conf #2K642505X1767980E
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    Whether it's $1, $1000, or a simple 'thanks' - the sheer support the webOS community shows is an incredible thing!
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    not to be picky, but you have the total as $15,016. I calculated $15,026 in excel based on the list of individual doners. Hey, lets not sell our total short!
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    I've got it in Excel too, but something may have gotten missed or posted incorrectly on the main page. I'll double-check all posted donations at the end to provide an accurate tally. Thanks for the heads-up
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    I just tossed another $35 into the kitty. Thanks for your hard work. Maybe we can buy webOS from HP?
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    Just donated $20! Thank you guys for keeping WebOS alive and awesome!
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    Here's another c-note:

    This email confirms that you have donated $100.00 USD to Rod Whitby ( using PayPal.

    Donation Details

    Confirmation number: 9SE948866M798021K
    Donation amount: $100.00 USD
    Total: $100.00 USD
    Purpose: Donation to WebOS Internals for Preware development
    Reference: Preware
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    Donated $10, wish I could do more, but keep up the great work, thanks
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    checked and I hadn't donated since April, so just sent $100

    keep up the good work!


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