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    Just donated $50 US
    Owner of the 32G touchpad and now have upgraded my Sprint pre- to a Verizon pre2. Keep up the good work, I'm in for another couple of years!
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    With ONE (1) DAY LEFT in the Web-A-Thon, we have a new total...

    $14,702.00 !!

    Can we break the 15K mark?!
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    In for $5, will give more after I move more funds into my PayPal
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    I'm in for $35. Good work guys, everything is appreciated.
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    I should be donating the full refund I am getting from HP for my Pre 3, and I feel really bad for not doing so. However, I have just donated $50 towards the cause. I'm only sorry that it is not more.
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    $100 here.

    Now, if I could only find a place to buy a GSM Pre3...
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    10 just went in
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    $30 in.
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    Phenomenal.... This community has a lot of heart!
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    20 GBP in, about 32 USD I think. Keep up the great work guys!
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    Just donated $20 USD until next time.
    Thanks for the great work guys.
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    Who will push it over $15K?

    -- Rod
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    looks like we need less than $100 to hit $15k
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    $16 by my calculation.

    -- Rod
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    We are only $16.00 away from $15K!

    Edit: You beat me to it, Rod
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    Here, take my additional 16$ :-) (making a total of 46$)
    The Pre3 already is an awesome piece of hardware and I can't wait for WebOS-Internals to bring some awesome stuff around that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    We are only $16.00 away from $15K!

    Edit: You beat me to it, Rod
    Add $16(1UC543853M160331A) to my Already $30 donation making it $46 from me and total of 15k .
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    @ginpre and prudviraj - Thank You!! You both hit it at the same time, so you BOTH can take credit for pushing the total over an amazing $15K !! Thank you!!
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    Just donated $50.

    Keep up the good work.

    Palm III>Palm m500>Palm Tungsten T2>Palm LifeDrive>Palm Pre>Palm Pre2>Pre 3 + Touchpad 32gb 3.0.2

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