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    Wow! We broke the $13k mark!

    New total = $13,153.00 !! Crazy awesome!
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    Here, have $75 more! Conf# 17B55275K4871525F

    Thanks for being a pillar of the community!!!
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    Donated $12
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    $15 donated today! Thanks!
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    Didn't even realize this was going on, but donated $10 yesterday through paypal!
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    This is long overdue! Just donated $30 to thank you all for helping all the "geek wanna-be's" like me.

    confirmation number: 661583215J6632154
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    $50 happily donated for all you've done. WebOS rocks and my launch day Sprint Pre and launch day Touchpad are so much better because of the entire homebrew community!
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    I donated 25
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    $5 is better than nothing.. right...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by karamara View Post
    $5 is better than nothing.. right...?
    Great first post!

    Welcome to our usually sane corner of the world!
    I see pandas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninditsu View Post
    Donated $7

    I don't even have webOS anymore, but you guys helped me so much when I did. I do, however, still want a TouchPad
    Frank a.k.a. ninditsu
    added $23. I just want the HB supporter badge. I planned to give 30 from the get-go, but just needed to add more funds to my paypal.

    total donated = $30

    Thanks everybody!
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    907779579u330212m = 40$
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    First check after recent modest promotion+AMAZING two-day-old Sprint Pre 2+Smaller bar tab tonight than expected=$50 USD from me.

    Thanks for everything, WOSI.
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    You make my Pre- still be awesome!
    Thanks for that with 10$.
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    I love what your work has done for my PrePlus, look forward to using it on my TouchPad that is on the way to me, and really hope to be able to use it on a Verizon Pre 3, so I sent $100.
    Palm m130 Zire 72s Treo 700p Pre Plus
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    I have missed this web-a-thon round, but on Aug 21st I sent webos-internals $35 and Jason $15 (CAD). I already have the HB supporter badge but I'll make repeat of that now, $35 to webos-internals and another CAD 15 to Jason (@ ). So $70 for webos-internals and $ 30 CAD for Jason during this web-a-thon period from me.
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    Donated $30, Confirmation number: 7P762365PL042180T. Being using preware since 2009 when I got my Pre and without you I would have chucked it away. Thanks guys
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    Donated $75 USD to and
    $25 CAD to Mr. Robitaille

    And, it feels good, too.
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    Just donated USD 50 (Confirmation number: 9UW55314XG986424H).

    Keep up the good work.
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    I am in for $10

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