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    FYI some of the online orders from last weekend did not begin shipping until mid-week, meaning plenty of people are receiving their TouchPads at the end of this week (via ground shipping). You may wish to factor that into your end date for this webathon.
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    Just donated $5 - one dollar for each of the reviews left for my app, Animal ABCs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GranPaSmurf View Post
    sorry my $5 could not have a few zeros after it. Living on Social Security does not allow for many donations.
    Thank you GranPaSmurf! Honestly, we would much rather those on fixed incomes, or limited budgets simply post a "thanks", or just give a 'newbie' a hand in the main forums as a gesture instead of the $. The donation is appreciated, but not necessary by any means. For those under financial limits - help a newbie out in the forums and you've made your donation that way!
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    $20 from me.
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    5USD from Chinese student in Canada
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    I donated $50 because now after a Palm Pre I got a Touchpad with 32GB and do like the Support here
    I like my Palm Pre and the Touchpad with webOS....
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    I'm in for $30. I need to get my wife signed up for this site, and a donation too.
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    I may be jaded about the overall state of WebOS, but, as long as there are those holding up the torch, I'm more than happy to support! Count me in for $40.
    Palm History: Sony Clie T615C --> T|X --> Pre+ --> Pre3 Aspirations -->
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    New member and new owner of fire sale TP. Donated $20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post

    -- Rod

    mod should add this to the first post for other folks who prefer to donate via flattr instead of paypal
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    New Total = $12,923.00 !!
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    $30 for all your hard work! Love my new TP, thanks for your support. Keep it coming!
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    Another $30 from the UK, and a thanks for all your work that helps us all.
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    Amazing stuff you guys are doing here, it's greatly appreciated.
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    $10 from me. you guys rock!

    proxy settings for Internet would be nice when you get a moment....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepherous View Post
    mod should add this to the first post for other folks who prefer to donate via flattr instead of paypal
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    I really appreciate all you do. I have alway turned to internals when I needed help or a tweak. Just sent over $40. Again thank you and keep up the good work
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    happy to add my $50
    keep up the phenomenal work guys
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    Found some more money, added $35 more - conf. 2UM84096EG775521S.

    These days if my spare money isn't buying apps to support developers, it's going to you guys to support the whole thing!

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