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    $10, an old palm guy but new to WebOs. Getting converted from Droid.

    confirm 21D42733KV0176116
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    I just donated $35. Thanks webOS Internals!!!
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    in for $20....thanks for your good work.
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    I just donated 75$, and then felt bad because I couldn't reach 100$. I then turned on my freetether and immediately added 25$ more. 100$ to webOS Internals.

    Confirmation #s 2PF467566B644203M and 5RR223773H299191H
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    Donated $40.
    Confirmation: 88C07490GU6915621
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    Donated $30.

    Confirmation number: 469907953F244391E

    Keep up the good work!
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    Wish I could do more, but as a broke student, $10 is all I can do for now!
    Keep up all the good work!

    Amount: $10
    Confirmation number: 5F060203TM765713C.
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    I put in 30$.

    Keep the awesome work going!
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    75$ from me too. Thanks WOSI for everything
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    $25 added, thank you folks for all the good work!
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    I donated $100. So very impressed with all the patches and apps on my pre+. Before Leo pulled a "Crazy Ivan" I was gonna buy a 16TP for full price next week. I got a 32TP for $150 so I figure I'll buy a ton of apps and give webOS Internals a bunch from the savings. A sincere thanks for making my pre+ experience exceptional.
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    I didn't realize Derek and Precentral had donated so much. Talk about "walkin' the walk"!

    Here's another $10 to put me at $35 (plus whatever I gave last year when I got sucked into this webOS Internals!
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    Bestätigungsnummer: 2HA06421183480803
    Spendenbetrag: $30,00 USD
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    $50 bucks heading your way. Keep up the great work!
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    Happy to donate $35!
    (Confirmation number: 2GU218298G258161V)

    You guys make it a whole lot more fun to use WebOS devices... Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Keep up the awesome work, guys!

    Donated $20. Confirmation: 48323788WA420853M
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    Donated $30. Keep up the good work guys ..
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    Current Tally: $11,485.77 !!!!
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    My first donation of $10, but not the last

    Just a modest way say thanks for all your continuous effort.

    Keep the spice flowing!
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    I just sent $10. Wish it could be more. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

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