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    There it is!!! Breaking the 10K mark! Way to go guys (thanks netwrkr9!!)

    Now at: $10,012.77 !!
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    $50 from me
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    Hi, I just donated $30, hopefully I can give more later on
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    $35 here. Long live webOS and WebOS-Internals!
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    Confirmation number: 36F399188U627234S
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    Thanks Tim!
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    Wow! It was awesome last year reaching our goal in a few hours (and them aiming much higher), only to watch us exceed it all this year. I for one am proud to be a part of this community. WOI FTW!

    BTW... keep it going. It's like winter and they need to stock up!
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    $30 here. Amazing job guys!

    Transaction ID #637137172F4625010
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    Just donated $5...

    Thanks for sticking behind WebOS...
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    Confirmation # 4YW08749H40045005
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    $20 from me!

    confirmation # 8JP690661D3082938
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    Thanks for all you've done! I believe I had donated before, but here's another $25! Cheers!
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    I haven't read through this entire thread, but I had an idea that might help to raise even more money...

    1) The WebOS Internals could create their own app which is primarily for fundraising (charge like $3.99 for it)

    2) All users here could buy it, rate it 5 stars, so it stays at the top of the paid lists

    3) The app would serve as an ongoing projects update, and maybe a how-to reference for Internals projects. That way there would be some utility to the app, so people would learn that this app will keep them abreast of the latest and greatest stuff.

    The purchasing mechanism is easier, so that more of the new Touchpad owners would see it, and purchase it. Might be easier to get less money from more people... since we'll soon have hundreds of thousands of Touchpad owners soon...

    Just an idea... sorry if this was already suggested!
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    Preware Homebrew Documentation Guide for $0.99?
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    $50 donated

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    $100 from me.
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    $100 - Donation Sent (Unique Transaction ID #68283424HU318242M)
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    I am in for $20. Thanks guys!

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