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    Donated $50. Thanks!
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    In for $100. You guys rock, thanks for being so supportive to us new devs!
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    Donated $30, you guys are great!
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    I donated $25 (Confirmation number:1KA68786KC381492D) prior to knowing about this drive. I will be donating another $25 after this post for a total of:

    $50 from me!

    Thanks so much WebOS Internals!
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    $25, keep up the good work guys!
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    I chipped in $50. You guys have done great things. The developer/enthusiast community has really built my interest in webOS. Heck, it's why I bought a Pre+ in the first place!
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    $20 for me. Would like to donate more but as a student studying abroad.... XD

    Keep up the good work!
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    Here is $35 to add... Love donating to people that deserve it!

    Confirmation # 9W670778LG573021E
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    I donated $50. Thank you!

    On a side note, can anyone help me figure out how to get a patch out for chinese input (or any other language input). I have the java script for it, just don't know how to find the code for the keyboard access. Thanks!
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    $25 more coming your way - confirmation number: 60V876053X096300F.

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    $50 Confirmation number: 9LM06093768278054

    can not tell how happy we are for you guys sticking with webOS fans. Not everyone can be as dedicated as you but at least I can help a bit to show my dedication to WebOS and internals

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Thanks for all your hard work WebOS Internals!! Couldnt have had a more satisfying experience with my first smartphone (Pre-) without all of you! Unfortunately I am still rocking my (5th) Pre-, but look forward to importing a Pre3 and buying a cheap Touchpad - I missed the firesale

    Donated $25

    Confirmation #: 6GD022043L8229844
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    I donated $5 about 10 days back. Not sure of the confirmation number now. Is it the same as "Transaction ID" thats showing up in Paypal? In case Rod remembers, I mentioned its from @codedivine in the note.
    Yes I know $5 isnt that big, but I am still a student
    Starting a Montreal WebOS meetup:
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    $20 Thanks for your work!
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    Just donated $10 from the UK with love! You guys rock! Thanks for everything you have done!
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    A donation of $100 is not much considering the benefits I received over the past 2 years with my amped Pre-, and hopefully over the next few years as well.
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    Thanks Internalz team.
    Just donated $50
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    $10 from me
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    Donated $7

    I don't even have webOS anymore, but you guys helped me so much when I did. I do, however, still want a TouchPad
    Frank a.k.a. ninditsu

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