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    I chipped in $30. Keep up the awesomeness!
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    Thanks for sticking by us when the "Big Guy" (read HP) doesn't. Here is my $100. I truly hope that you guys (and girls) make a hundred million dollars with the programs/improvements you invent, buy all the patents for WebOS, then make WebOS the best-working, most sought after, highest dollar grossing OS in the world. You will ALWAYS have my support.

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    I put down 30$, thanks for all your hard work!
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    Confirmation number: 9FJ77591TU752660F
    Donation amount: $40.00 USD
    Total: $40.00 USD
    Purpose: Donation to WebOS Internals for Preware development
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    done, $30 sent.

    Confirmation number: 8KM398953J471480R
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    In for $10. Thanks WebOS Internals for all your hard work from the beginning. Lets keep WebOS going!!!
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    Thanks everyone! I'll get another update posted tonight
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    just donated $80 US. gotta make sure Rod, Oil, uNiXpSyChO, sconix et all can keep my touchpad going since my pre minus is dead. I'll throw $20 to Jason Robatile too.

    (gotta keep my prior HB supporter title going)
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    Kicked in US pesos 40 think it worked out to about A$15 Just jokes....$40 = $40... Keep up the good work, been meaning to donate for a while.... WEB-A-THON 2011 = good idea
    so that's how you get the little hb supporter thingy
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    here is the confirmation number for my donation
    user gbp
    Unique Transaction ID #3BT16025GB6023512
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    We need these guys now more than ever.
    They have my 50 bucks.
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    Chipped in $10. A bit flint this month, hoping to give a bit more soon!
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    Keep up the good work!!

    Confirmation number: 0Y529235UM783530C
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    $10 more for the cause guys! Keep up the good work and never forget you have a whole lot of people rooting for you!
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    $50 hopefully more at some point soon. Thanks for all your work.
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    Once again - the webOS community is astounding!

    New Tally: $6767.77 of lovin' !!
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    $10 from me to you.
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    what up, $30.
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    $30 and well worth it!
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    you can count me for $50, homebrew rocks!
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