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    I was a little shocked when I was on Walmart's website and noticed that I could get a 16gb TP, the dock, the case, and the keyboard bundled together for $478. This is better than what you can get it for at,, or any other place I've checked out. Surely this has to be the best deal out there.
    Or does anyone know of a better deal out there for everything?
    When you figure you can get everything for $478, plus you get 50gb free at (a $20/month value) you've got to wonder how this thing isn't selling like hotcakes. Maybe it's just that nobody (I'm looking at you tech journalists) talks up what makes this product great and instead focuses all their time explaining why it's not the iPad.
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    Amazon Prime is where I bought my accessories and they were competitively priced with my employee discount.

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