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    My best buy was pretty good actually. The employees (at least some of them anyway)were taken to a dinner event by HP where they were given a run-down of the tablet's features like TTS and so forth, so they're reasonably informed and they have a good taste in their mouth from going to a fun event for no charge.

    Also, the demo units have always been in working order each time I've visited. The guy I was talking to when I bought mine watched me do stuff like take a call through the tablet and was impressed by that too.
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    Salesperson at BB mobile, Burnsville Mn, not only knew about the Touchpad, but said nice (and knowledgeable) things about the Pre.
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    My Best Buy had part of the display up (sign and shelf) on launch day. I had to send my wife as I was working. When she asked for the HP Touchpad the employee tried to direct her to pointing devices. After she explained what she wanted they opened up the cabinet and she got one.
    Don't even get me started about the time I went in there looking for an IRDA to USB dongle. Took 10 minutes of searching online to find they didn't have any. Like with most things I bought one on Amazon.
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    I have no faith in Best Buy when it comes to buying electronics...I research myself before I will let them decide what it good...

    one interesting encounter I had there was TWO days before the touchpad was officially released I went to my local Best Buy to try out the demo...a guy I overheard asked "when is this coming out?" and the Best Buy employee said "We have NOT heard about the release date yet"...that was the end of me trusting what they say...

    I decided to buy one two days ago mostly because after playing with the Android Tablets I didn't like how the bar on the bottom takes up some of the screenspace, and how cluttered the screen looks on the homescreen, also I didn't realize how pixelated a blown up android phone app looks. With the iPad it still feels like an oversized iPhone and it costs too much for me to justify a purchase...

    The last time I went to Best Buy and stayed for 2 hours deciding I always seen the Best Buy employees trying to steer the consumers to either the Android tablets(right next to the touchpad) or the iPad...
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    Display units weren't working at all, either of them, at first they hadn't changed the price yet and were all out of 16gb models on the floor, but the employee I talked to was very nice and searched for about 15 minutes and found me one, no trying to hustle me to buy tons of acessories and only one push for the extended warranty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I actually got approached by a Best Buy employee when he saw me looking at the Touchpad (4 weeks after I already bought it, I was just bored).

    He immediately started telling me how cool it was. I told him I already have one, and he showed me that he does to, he was carrying it around. We started talking about how cool it was and he clearly thought it was their best tablet.

    I suspect this is a one-of-a-kind experience.
    I had a similar experience as well.
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    i had a great experience with the staff. However, they knew nothing about the touchpad. As many before me had posted, I knew more than they. People tend to talk about what they know about. Better training on the touchpad would have equaled better sales. I only bought my touchpad because I wanted it. If I was unsure after visiting best buy I probably would not have bought it.
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    I went to 2 Best Buy stores. Both salesman tried to talk me out of buying HP Touchpad and instead buying IPad2. Both incorrectly told me that HP Touchpad ran the Google/Android operating system! When I tried to tell them it ran WebOS, they had no idea what I was talking about. Why HP is allowing Best Buy to be one of their main customer-facing retailer is beyond me.
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    In and out of BB all the time. Before my purchase, was sometimes just to examine the TP; in other cases for other shopping, but now when I am in there, I always swing around the display table.

    I would say overall TP experience: 80% negative / 10% fair / 10% positive.

    Seen the things other people mentioned (although not all at the same time):
    .. broken/dirty display units.
    .. not updated to 3.02..
    .. clueless staff (every single time!).
    .. unhelpful staff, not following up on people playing with a TP.
    .. no wifi connection (always would have to demand a connection).

    There seems to be alot of inconsistency between different stores and the different shifts.

    The last time I was in there, it was to see if they would honor the Staples coupon, with no success. (Hey, I tried BB!).

    And low and behold, suprisingly, the Staples guy who wrote up my order 20 minutes later, knew more about WebOS/TP then the BB sales reps..

    So, I wanna know..where is all this "training?"
    Where are the regional sales rep, keeping the display tables in good working order?
    I don't see it.

    I do hope that HP can use this inventory backlog situation to help come up with a way to better in-store market...I liked that idea of giving the BB reps a free TP. But honestly, if they even just downloaded 3.02 it could make a difference...
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    No, the guy at BB thought the TouchPad was called the Veer. And yesterday a co-worker went to BB to look at buying a TouchPad, the sales person tried to convince him to get an iPad so he left empty handed.
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    Bestbuy in my area had a nice display setup but didn't know much about the product.
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    Short answer, no. I asked for a TouchPad, they asked if I meant an iPad, (as I'm standing in front of the TouchPad's poor excuse of a display) "Oh but you should...", I cut him off, and asked him how he liked watching his $549 + all the accessories walking out the door, walked out. Bought at FutureShop

    by poor excuse of a display, I meant no demo units and only a flatscreen tv with a demo video....and Staples was even worse, launch day and their display consisted of all their front windows plastered with TouchPad posters, still there incidentally.
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    I went in on release day, and they were happy to sell me a Touchpad. The gal who grabbed it for me said they'd had a very exciting training experience, and if I wanted to talk more about the pad and webOS, there was another guy there who'd be thrilled to talk with me. Fpr hours.

    Very positive experience. +1 Would buy again.
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    I've had a good experience there at bestbuy. The display was prominent the units were working. The sales person knew somethings, not everything and that's to be expected.
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    my story goes something like this..

    walk into best buy on launch day.

    ask the first sales person i see if they have touchpads, he brings me over to the display. i tell him i don't need to see it, i've already made up my mind.

    saleman starts asking me if i know about the other options.. basically asks me to justify my purchase to him. i try to do the right thing and tell him about all the great things webos has to offer. eventually i give up because it's not working.

    we go to the register to check out, and he suddenly notices my company logo (a well known technology company) on my shirt and goes "ooooh you work for them?? you're probably really smart then.. i'm just a best buy sales guy.. why did you even ask for my help?!" .... uhhh because the case was locked, not because i wanted your opinion. what a clown.

    edit: I ALMOST FORGOT! the guy who checked my receipt at the door was super stoked that i bought a touchpad.. he told me he loves the thing and hope it kills the ipad... i walked out a very confused person. they need to move that guy from security to sales.
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    At my bestbuy the Touchpad was in a similar setup to the iPad 2. I was impressed.

    The store dude told me the problem with it is that the OS isn't really mainstream so it doesn't have the apps or software support yet, and that he likes it but wishes it had expandable memory. Overall, I thought they presented it quite well and the demo units didn't seem to lag as bad as everyone made them sound like they would.
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    Man, I wish HP would get their *** together. The Best Buy arena could be a solid win in all cases with some simple but effective marketing choices.

    IMMHO: They need someone to start going in to all BB's and reset the Kiosks starting yesterday.

    a) Two working Touchpads at each kiosk.
    -- Secured by min 4' security locks
    -- NOT plugged in using the packaged micro USB adapter cord.
    b) Two working Touchstones at each kiosk.
    -- Secured by 6" security locks so that tampering is easily determined.
    -- No more broken chargers!
    c) Exhibition Mode
    -- Tpad 1 to Clock on TStone1
    -- Tpad 1 to Photos and Video on TStone2
    -- Tpad 2 to Facebook on TStone2 (HP WebOS Fan Page anyone?)
    -- Tpad 2 to Photos and Video on TStone1 (Better would be a preloaded movie from the HP Movie Store!!!)
    d) Preload Display Models or all future WebOS updates with at least two public domain songs to show off Beats Audio.
    e) Set this thing up for WiFi connection in the store and setup a Preloaded Best Buy Profile that can be logged into and automate updates.
    f) Signage
    -- Hey watch this...go to your favorite website on Tpad1 and let it load up.
    -- Now take this Tpad and touch it to the Tpad on the other charger!
    -- Now imagine doing that to your HP Desktop at home or your HP Printer at work.
    -- Or maybe you'd like to try it out with the Veer that's at the mobility desk?

    There's more, but that's a beginning. They have dedicated reps in these stores to do education, send them on a Quest for WebOS and start selling these things like they're supposed to be sold - With Live Working Demos! like nothing else...heh!

    As a final note, since HP has completely devalued the 32gb TouchPad with the recent price gouge and subsequent (dare I say premature) release of a 64gb model only 60 days after introduction, I would also offer that price marketing for the 32gb be abandoned as it is presently.

    Find a way to set a deal with your major distributors that sells the 32gb *primarily* as a package with Case and Tstone included. Move the Tpad 's solo purchase price to the fine print and reap the bene's of Point of sale accessory sales at the same time.

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    Best Buy Mobile in GSP in Paramus NJ wasn't bad. He knew about cards gestures and multitasking. WIFI wasnt connected which kinda sucked. He even said if i want a tablet that multitasks get the TP.
    Then I asked him about the android transform, he had no idea what i was talking about. But he showed me another real clunky android that he loved. Thing was bigger and thicker then the TP (but also had hdmi out).
    So overall not bad.
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    Best Buy in Honolulu was pretty bad. I went there during the first week of August to buy a case and Touchstone charger. I spent some time looking at all the accessories for tablets. No one offered help while I was there. They had three demo units and all were dead. Pretty sad.
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    I went twice to a Best Buy (in Oakland) right after launch.

    They had a nice display for the TPs. At first 2, then 4-6 (when I went a second time a week or 2 later). They were in working condition and worked well.

    I can't say how knowledgable the staff would have been - but I had to fend off their attempts to help me repeatedly - I usually go pre-informed ;-) and don't bother asking the salespeople.
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