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    The experience at my best buy improved over time. On day one it was fairly poor, but i went back a few weeks later and the folks were very knowledgeable and helpful. And I actually came in as they were restocking, so they must have been selling well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I actually got approached by a Best Buy employee when he saw me looking at the Touchpad (4 weeks after I already bought it, I was just bored).

    He immediately started telling me how cool it was. I told him I already have one, and he showed me that he does to, he was carrying it around. We started talking about how cool it was and he clearly thought it was their best tablet.

    I suspect this is a one-of-a-kind experience.
    At mine, the rep said he liked webOS and once had a Pre, but he didn't know anything about it other than the name and the OS, then asked if I wanted to compare it to the Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1. I declined and bought it right away.
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    I too had mixed results at Best Buy. The salesman was definitely willing to sell me one, but really wasn't very knowledgable about the product. As is typical of Best Buy, he was really more interested in selling me an extended warranty. Can't really fault this particular store, but there was room for improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    It's absolutely, undoubtedly Best Buy's fault this thing isn't selling. If some of us faithfuls actively acted as salespeople in Best Buys for one day, we'd sell more than they already have.

    I'd be willing to bet on it.
    The problem with this idea is that there are a LOT of products that sell very well through BB whether the employees are actively pushing them or not. It, also, highlights the reality that the TP is unlikely to sell well anywhere because you'll never get that level of excitement from the general salesperson on the floor unless they happen to be big fans themselves.

    Even in actual HP branded stores, we've had reports of less than enthusiastic floor people.

    However, I think that most people going into Best Buy with the intention of buying a tablet, probably already have an idea of what they want. If HP wants to move some product, the have to influence those customers to a higher degree - long before they walk into BB.
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    My experience was great, had reps from Verizon selling hotspots saying the touchpad was selling a lot while they were there. They liked it a lot, the BB employee had to go to the back to get mine because they were all out up front.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayhawkOne View Post
    Where the salespeople knowledgeable and helpful?

    Did the display units actually work?
    No to both questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by herk_fe View Post
    If a product requires someone overly enthusiastic about it to convince people to buy it the product has failed on multiple levels.
    That's what sales people are supposed to do as a part of their job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    No. Even the HP rep didn't know anything about the TouchPad. I trained more of the staff (including a Geek Squad guy) than HP apparently did.
    In addition I trained the girl who was there are HP's ambassador.

    The usual issues

    Demo crashed
    Wifi signal weak
    Random reboots
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    i had a good visit to best buy, when I asked to purchase one the worker had us filling out papers almost right away and when we were doing that he was talking about how he used to have a palm pre and after a while he switched to droid but he never liked it as much as the palm pre and he was trying to save up for a touchpad. It was a nice visit
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    best part of the experience was walking out the door with my touchpad.

    I knew more than the best buy rep, the demo units were both dead
    I went under the counter and plugged it in enough to charge it and that's when the sales monkey came over and asked if I had any questions.

    I've been into a couple of best buys in the past month for other things and noticed that the demo touchpads rarely are in working order, or if they are working and someone happens to be looking at it they're largely ignored by staff.

    last weekend I spent about 20 min talking to some random person about the touchpad, answering questions and such
    no idea if he walked out with it, but at least he could make a well informed decision
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    Same here. They had none on launch day (we are talking about the biggest store in my state), they had no cases or other accessories available all the way thru the first two weeks. Nobody there had a clue what the TP was or could do until I showed them. Each time I have visited to check stock and check the condition of display - one or both were off. I was checking every couple of days pre launch tying to educate the staff there and make sure they would price match other local retailers and have checked periodically since. When I find one off I always turn them on (I even ##LOGS#, set to minimal - on them when I see one) - I almost got Preware on one before i got suspicious looks. One of these days, I hope I run into a salesperson who knows what HomeBrew means. And as mentioned many times here, none have been upgraded to 3.02 yet.

    I have showed multiple sales staff the BT phone-side pairing with my Pre- and explain to them that I can answer my phone which is in the kitchen via my TP from the couch. They go "Whoa! That's Cool!, didn't know it could do that." Then I show them TouchToShare between both Touchpads on the display. I go to a website on one and touch it to the other (if the cords reach - they usually do) and it transfers the website to the other - then I say, you will be able to do that with a Pre3 too. At that point I usually hear "iPads can't do that!". I have yet to visit and see a sales person show someone else that "Cool!" stuff I have showed them, but I stop in the few stores around here from time to time looking for open box deals on TVs and stuff and always swing by - bout half the time someone is playin with the TPs. I have yet to get up the gumption to stick my nose in another BB customers business - I would hate that if someone did that to me without me asking. If BB really wanted to sell these they would train their staff and show people the "Cool Stuff" and explain the potentials. HP has to continue to do their parts too - all suggestions spelled out many times in these forums: keep the prices low, continue standing behind the early adopters, etc...) - They HAVE TO announce concrete plans for the major APP Devs - even tho they are not ready yet to release the Apps. This will put pressure on the ones not coming along - It will also give us [the faithful] the opportunity to focus a collective beam of contact at the Devs who have no foresight and give them a kick in the pants (meanwhile leaving the ones who are working on something alone so they can get their jobs done).

    In the article, the sources they got their info from had different info than I have seen. More than a few times, I have seen the stock listings for multiple stores (including the warehouses) on the page where they look them up on the register computers. Our states flagship BB only got 12 in for the first two weeks and while they didn't sell out at the original prices they sold almost all of them shortly after the price breaks (and might I add after the displays were actually setup and working and they had inventory of the accessories out on the floor). I saw the in stock numbers again last week and there were none even close to the three digits required to make the numbers in the article work. Why in the hell didn't the "reporters" just go to a BestBuy store and ask the staff, that is all I have been doing. They often will turn the screen around for you to see.

    As for my TP purchase, I always use BB price match policy to my benefit. They price matched [and twice price adjusted after the sale] to match Costco w/a free case and bring my original launch day purchase price for the 32GB down to $499 w/free case. I'll be buying another - I'm waiting to see what happens with the 7" rumors and the Pre3 {SPRINT PLEASE}. Having one of each sounds like the perfect solution. I also will be purchasing the TouchStones for them when the price comes under $50 for those.

    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    No. Even the HP rep didn't know anything about the TouchPad. I trained more of the staff (including a Geek Squad guy) than HP apparently did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by herk_fe View Post
    If a product requires someone overly enthusiastic about it to convince people to buy it the product has failed on multiple levels.
    At the Best Buy I went to, the problem was more that no one knew how to use webOS. WebOS requires a slight learning curve, just like my iPod Touch did when it first came out. The difference is that by now chances are that everyone has at least played with an iPhone at some point before going to a store, usually with a knowledgeable friend nearby.

    Not so with webOS. The sales reps were telling everyone that all the units were broken because they did not know how to go to card view. How is that the product's fault? What do you think the 30-40 people who heard this thought? They certainly won't be buying a device that supposedly has 8 broken floor models.

    The Touchpad certainly has some rough edges, but so does the iPad. Remember when Safari would crash on pretty much every website? Apple fixed that bug, but no one called the iPad a faulty device. At least I can browse on my Touchpad without the browser crashing.
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    yes. I've never had a bad experience at best buy. But i'm also not walking around asking sales people questions because i'm know what i want. But i've also observed best buy staff doing a great job explaining the touchpad and demoing for a lady.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayhawkOne View Post
    After the questionable news of Best Buy TouchPad sales numbers I wanted to start a thread that asks this simple question.

    Did anyone at all have a positive experience when they went to Best Buy to check out the TouchPad?

    If so, I'd like to hear details.

    Where the salespeople knowledgeable and helpful?

    Did the display units actually work?

    I think this is a reasonable question to ask because all we ever really hear about is the negative stories.

    No one thinks its really Best Buy's fault that the TouchPad sold so poorly at their stores, right?

    I went to the Best Buy at the Citrus Park Town Center near Tampa the second week in July to look at a TouchPad. A salesperson came up to me asking if I had any questions, and I told her I was just looking at this point. She told me about the TouchPad, and had said she's had extensive training on it and did seem to know a bit about webOS. I pulled out my Pre and told her if I was going to get a tablet that it would be the TouchPad. I ended up ordering one that night, and knew that I wouldn't buy from Best Buy (the QVC deal was just too good to pass up), but I wanted to try it out first. She was very helpful and mentioned that there was a lot of interest in the TouchPad (had mentioned also that they sold quite a few already).

    This store has a display table with 4 TouchPads (2 16G and 2 32G) along with 2 Veers (1 working, the other a dummy). I stopped in there last weekend and noticed a lot of activity in the tablet section, the HP table included. It should be noted that this is the store that has the iPad on an out of the way endcap, and no one was looking at them.

    Contrast this with my local best buy, the TouchPad was on a back shelf behind some kind of employee station and the iPad got all the love. I don't know if that's changed since, I haven't been back.

    ETA: There were non-working TouchPads at the CP Best Buy from time to time, as of last weekend it appeared they were all working again.
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    Best Buy should have trained their staff alot better. When i went and bought mine, the lady said, i have no idea how to use these, i wouldn't reccommend buying this one and im like, well thats the one i came here for. then she asked why that one over the ipad (i laughed in her face) and said cuz my phone runs the same os and im used to it, and i just like the overall feel of it. So she asked if i could show her how to use it....

    training fail, not device fail, by FAR
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    The Best Buy Mobile center at my local mall (Northgate Mall, Seattle, WA) was a bit clueless about the product. They did have them out but I didn't really look at them since I was only there to purchase accessories (which they did have in-stock). I asked how sales were going and the girl there said, "Oh, I don't really know." She looked at one of the other employees there and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders.

    With the exception of the girl who helped me with the accessories, none of them seemed very enthusiastic to even be there much less sell anything. So, I'm not completely surprised that they're selling poorly out of BB.

    The overreaching sense I get is that BB employees are poorly trained on their products, the demo units, while displayed, were basically useless (not connected to WiFi and not updated), and that BB itself made little effort to try and actually move product as effectively as other outlets (ala Staples).

    That being said, I think HP will have to bite the bullet and help BB get TouchPads out the door. What that will entail, I don't know (maybe inserting KNOWLEDGEABLE webOS folks in the stores?), but I think it will be the only way to get things moving in a positive direction.
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    I'm sorry, this whole situation is entirely Best Buy's fault, but HP is going to end up getting screwed over it. I'm sure they'll take back all the TouchPad's. They "can't afford" to alienate that big a retailer...

    But I went to 3 Best Buy's on launch day, 2 of them being big stores. All 3 had the HP section setup front and center in the tablet section with the Veer there and everything. But you know what, NONE of them had the TouchPad on display, NONE. Basically an empty big display that only had the Veer and pictures of the TouchPad. And that was on launch day. On top of that, 1 of them didn't even get any in stock (their truck "just didn't show up" according to the salespeople) and neither of the other 2 even had the TouchPad in the actual store on the shelves like ALL the other tablets. They had to go into the back to get them.

    Finally, the salespeople. Oh the sales people. It's obvious that no training took place in most places. These people didn't even know what the touchpad was, let along know how to use it or that they were selling it. it was absurd. I made a point to ask the sales reps what they thought of the TouchPad. Every one didn't have a comment. "I've never used it, you should get the <fill in iPad/Android>"

    And that killed me. How can you tell someone to get 1 thing when you haven't tried all the options that you sell? Whatever, I'm probably just posting what everyone else posted.
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    When you have **** heads who have no clue what webOS trying to sell you an Ipad 2 cause its really AWESOME, this is why touchpad isn't selling at bestbuy. I had a sales person come right up to me and say: "The touchpad why would you want an old outdated device when you can get a brand new android or ipad 2? The touchpad's OS is really old and no one uses it anymore."

    Pretty much his exact words, and best buy is wondering why they cant sell them? Really?

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    Do people really buy stuff at Best Buy anymore? To me its just a place to get my hands on something and decide if I'm going to go home and buy it online.

    To answer the question, no. I didn't have a good experience there - they acted as if the display was only in the way since it stood between the iPad and the iPad accessories.
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    I did buy mine from Best Buy on launch day I walk in grabbed it and walked to the counter they were setting them up but no one had messed with them before that date went back a few weeks later and was looking at them and they tried to get me to look at the android tabs that just came out. They don't have a clue to what they are selling she said it was like her telephone that why she like the android.
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    Even if this is best buys fault, it's hp's fault... They should have done more to improve the training situation. They should have released a more compelling device.

    I like my TouchPad alot, i love it, but it certainly could have been launched better. They should have been working overtime to get a stable build into reviewers hands. It should have launched with 3.0.2. The pricing should have been more aggressive or accessories cheaper. They should have worked overtime to make sure there was document editing on day one. It's hard to blame the retailer when hp dropped the ball in so many areas.
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