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    I just unpacked my second Touchstone, and as far as I can tell it is not location-aware. When I chatted with webOS support they confirmed that Touchpad Touchstones are no smarter than phone Touchstones.

    This is really disappointing. Is it just me, or did HP hype the idea that these new Touchstones were smarter, justifying the 10x price difference.

    Anyone else try out two Touchstones?
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    Don't know why they told you that, but they're wrong. It's not so much that they're location aware as they are device aware. My TP displays FaceBook exhibition on my TS (I set FB on it), and agenda on wife's TS (as I set it). It "knows" which TS it's on.
    If you type PreCentral on a TouchPad
    It changes to PreMenstrual
    That situation needs to be fixed!
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    It's not a location-aware device per say, but more to do with the pairing process. Each touchstone has a unique identifier. So when you set a sepcific exhibition app (i.e. clock) when docked on touchstone #1 and another exhibition app (i.e. calendar) on touchstone #2, the touchpad will remember this.

    So if touchstone #1 is in the bedroom and touchstone #2 in the living room, docking your touchpad your room will always give you the clock in exhibition while docking in the living room will give you the clock. This is where the term "location-aware" comes from. Keep in mind that if the touchstones were reversed then the taouchpad's behavior will be reversed as well.

    Remember it's the pairing not location (gps) as most would think.
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    I have one at bedside with the clock and the one at work with Agenda. Just put the TP on either and it remembers what exhibition mode you had set.

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