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    I hope webOS tech support doesn't go the way of the hardware!
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    I just chatted with HP webOS support, and he (Shaun) said no refund of fire-sale difference for Walmart buyers or anyone else. Otherwise nothing new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by artitumis View Post
    I've tried to PM you twice and it doesn't look like either went through. I faxed my info in days ago and haven't heard anything and still don't have a code. Could you please try to PM me and if not perhaps we can chat over email, Skype, etc?
    Haven't been ignoring you, just with the turn of events I shut myself out of precentral and all things webOS related this weekend. Please see your inbox as to where we go from here.

    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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    Greetings HardBeatz,
    My ticket with HP that's been opened since 8/17 re the $50 promo code is still not resolved. I called yesterday for status and the agent said it was still under investigation which is what was told to me last week. Does it normally take this long? If you can expedite this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Also I was wondering if I'm eligible for a rebate on the fire sale price difference? J&R said no, not them and to try with HP. My info is a follows....

    Eric Myers
    HP profile email <<email address deleted>>
    32gb Touchpad purchased from J&R in NYC on 7/6/2011
    I can email or fax my proof of purchase if needed

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    Eric I would suggest pulling your e-mail from the post ASAP!

    edit: Thanks Bev, didn't want dude getting hit by every spam bot on the web. Eric, HardBeatZ is usually cool with a PM so you don't have to post your personal info in the forums.

    Just remember he is probably really busy with everything going on right now and might not get right back to you.
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    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    That was stupid of me. Thanks Bev and Oldskoolvwlover. And of course I'll be patient.
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