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    I was on my touchpad just a while ago and I got a telephone call from Any one get this phone call....strange...
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    Yep, got it last night right at midnight. Had my TP sitting in the Touchstone on my nightstand, woke me up. Ugh.
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    yes. got it as well around 8PM PDT. Is this legit? I decided to set my Skype only to answer people in my contact list.
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    what was the call in regards to?
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    People are prank calling on Skype now?!
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    there is a security update available for your computer, please visit website at ... (which I did not write down).

    My first instinct is this is not legit. So I ignored it.
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    definitely a scam
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    Skype junkmail - heard about this last weekend on the Leo Laporte (the Tech Guy) radio show. Apparently spammers are calling people on Skype and directing people to download malware. Set your security settings to only allow calls from your contact list, and don't show yourself online were the two recommended steps to take.

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