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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    How many places do you get a refund without proof of purchase?
    Pretty much any place where an electronic trail of purchases exists, esp. when we are talking about a credit card refund.

    We aren't in the 80s anymore: if you buy something online and had it shipped, they have all the proof they need to refund the actual card used.
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    This discussion does not have me looking forward to warrantying my TP. I bought mine from Office Max during the firesale and it came out of the box with the left side of the screen slightly popped out (the glass is just barely rising over the plastic shell of the unit) Would be simple enough to do a return with my receipt .....if only this was a week ago. So the only way to get it fixed is through HP and I don't feel like giving my TP up for more than a day because I <3 it too much/I don't wanna get hosed in "service fees".
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