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    Quote Originally Posted by bb147 View Post
    Are you sure you're not just hearing the vibrate motor spinning?
    It is definitely a WebOS notification sound and not even a nice one It is interesting that you don't seem to have this issue. I am running Uberkernel and 2 or 3 patches, so maybe the bug is related to this.
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    That sound disappeared on me, and I haven't changed anything. In Sounds & Ringtones, everything is On & Max. Strange.
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    I just got the same sound for a meeting reminder when set to silent....
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    Turning off vibrate did the trick for that "dying vibrate/system alert" sound.

    However, my music still plays when I put the thing on mute. In other words, the mute function is totally useless. Anyone else have this problem?
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    I have that sound too and I am also running uberkernel. Perhaps that is related then. Also: turning vibrate off worked for me :-)
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    Posted on this earlier and received no responses. Mine does this. A couple of observations:

    1. The problem seems to be that when it's supposed to vibrate (including when switching to mute mode or when receiving a message in mute mode) it rings instead. Quite embarrassing in meetings.

    2. Reset seems to fix it, but only for up to a couple of hours, then it's back.

    3. Butler told me to erase apps & data. Didn't work.

    4. Butler told me to Doctor. Didn't work.
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    On hold with Butler. They told me that doctoring was the last step in troubleshooting this and that I have to send the TouchPad to them for repair, which will take 7-10 days. They do not have an explanation for this behavior, and told me again that it hasn't been reported by others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordbah View Post
    I reported the same thing. Ridiculous. Found it no longer happens after going to Sounds & Ringtones and setting Vibrate off.
    Thanks. I woke my husband up the one night while muting the TP, but shutting off vibrate seems to have helped.
    On my Pre+ I am using the truly silent patch and would like that for the TP. (I keep strange hours and am use to creeping around silently while others are asleep.)
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