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    How painful was it to set everything up again after your exchange?

    I'm assuming that all of my (nonhomebrew) apps and synergy accounts will automatically sync. What else did you have to do after the fact?

    I know I'll have to re-install preware and all of the patches and homebrew apps. I'll copy my videos directory over and probably just re-sync music from the PC. Is there anything else I need to do to be prepared?

    I'm thinking that this would be the time to do the Metadoctor thing and install Ubunto since I my understanding is that I have to wipe my system to do that anyway.
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    You are correct in that you'll have to install Preware on the replacement TPad.

    Everything transferred over without a problem for me -- all webOS Profile account info (email, calendar, etc.) and all 'regular' apps. I was impressed at how HP upgraded this webOS functionality so really didn't have to spend much time getting my new device set up like the previous one. I have 7 email accounts, I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't have to go through the ugly task of setting all that up.

    The only things that didn't transfer over were saved files such as music, photos, saved documents, etc. But you already expect that.

    The biggest piece of advice is if you want to keep any data from the apps on your old device. Use the Save/Restore Homebrew app to save your data and copy it to your computer. Even though your apps transfer over, the data does not. I also suggest making sure you perform a Backup from the Settings menu prior to starting up the new device.

    If you have apps which were connected to an account, you will need to reconnect those. For example, I had to reconnect and download issues from the Sports Illustrated app.

    Don't worry about trying to uninstall things. If you go to your Device Info screen in the Settings menu, there's an option to have the TPad delete everything. It's the "Reset Options" button. It also offers a regular reset and a secure reset. I opted for the secure version of the reset and the old device seemed to be wiped clean.

    It was relatively painless and I was impressed at how well this transition process worked.

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