Just played with the Touchpad Demo in the Fortress store in Hong Kong. It was running 3.02 and had wifi access setup. In fact I updated one of the "for Hong Kong" apps while playing with it. No accessories for it yet except through HP online at somewhat exorbitant pricing. I was impressed that they already had not only a working demo but also shelf display station.

It's NOT large or heavy I have no idea what everyone is going on about. It was sitting next to the Lenovo pad and the motorola pad and there is no difference except that the Android tabs are longer and thus look larger. The Ipad2 does look smaller but then that is compared to just about everyone not just TP. It feels really nice in the hand, solid. There were a few stutters but I think that was because I opened the email and contacts apps which were not setup yet. Everything else seemed snappy. Can't wait to get mine. Sales guy came over and was reasonably knowledgeable. Didn't push me in either direction, just explained what he knew about each of the 3 pads sitting there. He knew what WebOS was.

I just bought one in the US during the weekend of crazy pricing recently and it's coming over with a buddy of mine at the end of the month. Still cheaper especially when adding on the accessories so no buyers remorse yet except that I have to wait two more weeks.