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    Hi all,

    OSX has the Beach ball, Win 7 has the spinning wheel and webOS has the spinny thing too.

    Why is it I see this working wheel when I switch from Web to e-mail on the TP (thats all thats open), it's not a huge problem but given the load times I dont expect to see further delays with this working indicator, what are you doing spinny wheel thing? Yet to see it on the Pre 2 when swaping cards.

    Also got 2 many cards on the TouchPad and my Pre 2 this weekend when all that was open was Web / E-mail (TP) Mail / SMS (Pre)

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    Hi Barryb20,

    You shouldn't be seeing the spinner on the TouchPad too often when just switching apps. What OS version are you running (3.0 or 3.0.2)?

    As far as the Pre2 goes, you need to install Preware and from that app, install the Govnah app and Uberkernel to overclock your device. It's stable and will double the speed of your Pre2 and get rid of the Too Many Cards (TMC) error.
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    Hi HelloNNNewman,

    TP is running 3.0.2, the spinner seems to be mostly switching with the e-mail / browser applications, the other ones appear so far to be mostly spinner free.

    Having had a Pre - the first thing I did was a) donate to preware again, b)install preware on both devices

    I'm really happy with the standard clock speed of the Pre 2 and it is faster than the TP for say application launches.

    I take it the uberkernel has some other low level fixes to resolve TMC? I@m happy to go Uber but run at stock speeds. I also noticed that UberKernel is not in the public feed unlike on the TP


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