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    minor discovery, that I haven't seen documented elsewhere
    using a Bluetooth keyboard (Microsoft 6000) I found this venerable keyboard combination caused my TP to reboot
    this works faster than holding the power and/or home buttons
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    Never heard that before either, yet, I guess it makes sense that it does work.

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    Is this a feature, or does that keyboard combo just crash the TouchPad? Same result either way, right? {Jonathan}
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    I *believe* it's intended. Let me do some digging.
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    Will Ctrl + Alt + Backspace restart X11/DME?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    I *believe* it's intended. Let me do some digging.
    I know for one thing Opt + Sym + R actually sends the Ctrl + Alt + Delete on phones. I would assume the keyboard would actually send that signal out.
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