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    I believe that I read on PreCentral that until the OTA comes out, one should not delete apps. Honestly, I cannot remember what that articile stated, but I beleive there was an issue with WordPress. Is there any updates on this issue? I have the latest OTA update on my TouchPad, can I delete apps safely?
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    all fixed!
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    ? what do you mean its not safe to delete apps?
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    there was a bug with deleting certain apps in the launcher. But with 3.0.2 it's gone.
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    What was the issue?
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    If you deleted an app that used a database, it would delete ALL databases. Or maybe it was deleting any app would delete all databases.

    Either way, not exactly an optimal thing to have happen. Fixed in 3.0.2.
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    thanks all, c u all later

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