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    Has anyone taken notice of what a TouchPad (with 3.0.2) automatically corrects the word "Precentral" to yet? Lolz!
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    I added that word to my auto-correct list a while back, so I don't remember what it changes to when typed.
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    you can always take the word back out to see..
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    LOL... yes, I could... but too much work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    LOL... yes, I could... but too much work.
    and there you have it folks! The touchpad is so user friendly and simplifies life so much that taking a word out of autocorrect temporarily is now considered a chore!
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    Lol. Hence why it's the TouchPAD.
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    Those of us without a TouchPad would like to know...
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    wow that's just wrong.
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    LOL.... between all the other stuff, re-doing stuff to see something like that is a bit of a chore.
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    Lol that was worth the effort, good one...
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    I thought about filing a bug to have this fixed...but then I felt like that would take something away from the device...
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    what does it change it to? It's not in my dictionary but it still changes it to PreCentral.
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    LOL... dang you guys. You win... I edited it back and yes, that's funny

    For those of you without TouchPads but want to know what the word "PreCentral" is changed to in auto-correct, just highlight here -----> premenstrual
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    Sometimes reading the posts "ragging" on DK when he makes a new post makes me feel like it is more accurate lol.

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    and now more than ever people get to experience this phenomenon..

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