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    Did you buy your TP at Costco and used the $100 coupon they were running a couple of weeks back bringing down the price of the 32gb to $479? if so, you might want to head back there again. i was returning my TP (because i got the better Staples deal over the weekend). after the service rep processed my return, he noticed that the current price is now permanently $479 thanx to the HP price drop. he then said that i could've also just price adjusted it to the current price. and since i already used the $100 coupon...i would've gotten it for $379! essentially the same deal that Staples ran over the weekend.

    Just thought I'd pass the info along....
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    Bummer. I returned the Costco one for the Staples one at $399. Could've saved another $20 and also had the slip case....
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    Wow...I gotta look into this, i purchased my touchpad from there and would love if they told me they'd still honor the MF coupon.

    wencyjr - when did you take your's back?

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