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    Dont judge me... I have an iPhone with a contract. I tether using pdanet on my laptop but the tp cannot see the hotspot. I've changed channels and power strength with no luck. I know tp has wifi issues so this may just be another one. Any ideas?

    - Ivan
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    pdanet only does adhoc and the tp won't connect to adhoc. If you jailbreak the phone and use works great and does infastructure mode
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    I had the same issue with my HP Glisten phone (running Win Mobile). I tried numerous wifi programs, but they all provided ad-hoc wifi which is not currently supported by the TouchPad. I don't know that there is a jailbreak solution for WM, but I wouldn't have used it even if there were.

    First, I recommend that you request support for ad-hoc wifi through the Palm enhancements page. The more requests they get for a feature, the more likely it is to be included. Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    Second, I'll tell you my temporary solution. (I'm waiting for the Pre3 to be released before I replace my phone.) I bought one of these. CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Hotspot - Wireless access point - 802.11b/g (Version 2.0/2.5.3): Electronics

    It's VERY easy to use and works with both my WM phone and my broadband USB stick. I typically use it with the stick so I don't have to deal with a cable from my phone to the CradelPoint device.

    My only complaint is the size. It's about the size of a typical external HD which is okay for me since I carry a purse. It might be a bit more problematic for guys if you were hoping to carry it in your pocket.

    The battery could last longer (about 3 hours of continuous use), but otherwise, it's great and definitely the cheapest solution I found to tide me over until I get my Pre3.
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    Wait, you have an iPHONE? YUCK! I'm just kidding. Can't wait until HP finally makes a slab phone. They should call it the HP TouchPhone to continue the "touching" theme like the "Touch"Smart, "Touch"stone and "Touch"Pad. I would even make the "touch"pod if I were HP. Welcome to precentral and webOS land!

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