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    Today I thought I'd check out the TP in a Currys/PC World store (UK). Firstly I noticed on device info it was running 3.0.0. So I thought maybe I could try to update it to make it look better for other customers. Only to find that they hadn't even added any WiFi settings, even though the 7 android tablets on display to its left were connected to the store network.

    Then, the strangest thing: After I walked off - one of the staff working there walked up and placed a screen sized piece of card over the display which was of an iPad screen to scale.

    I went over and took a photo (seen below) with my Pre 2. Although it had fallen off slightly by this time. I can't work out why they did this. Any ideas?
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    wow, the HP retail sales people need to get in the game.
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    The local AUS retailer, who has an exclusive on the Touchpad and is due to officially start selling it tomorrow, placed a full page ad for the iPad2 in the Sunday paper today. No mention of Touchpad. Very strange!
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    I actually had a nice experience at a BB in Rochester Hills, MI. Informative and helpful staff. Only disappointment is the demo units were still running 3.0...
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    HP is watching precentral - and these postings - they are chasing dealers
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    I noticed at PC World (another uk store) that the TouchPad is orientated portrait but the demo runs landscape... Very sloppy!

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