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    Last picture I took was of the web browser with a you tube video embedded. The system froze, but recovered, the screen grab was damaged.

    Now I can no longer take screen grabs:

    I did have some patches installed, but I took them all off, and went back to the original kernel. Rebooted, deleted the screen captures off the device. The only thing left I can think of is to wipe the device and start over.

    Any ideas of what I could try?

    (HP TouchPad 3.0.2)
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    Oh the shame.. the pure embarrassment, my technical credibility gone forever. I was not releasing the two buttons quickly enough.

    I crawl now into the abyss, unworthy of my mighty TouchPad
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    lmao...on a different note I cannot take a screenshot while skyping :-( shows the screenshot but a black box where the Skype video would be
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    interesting ... I can take screenshots but can't view them on the TP. The effect is there (audio and visual) but they don't show on the photo/video app. If I plug into my computer and mount, I can see the screenshot folder with all my shots ...

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