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    Biggest single mistake in TouchPad hardware design: placement of microphone.
    It is a TINY hole on edge of frame near video camera..... *PRECISELY where you hold the TP when in landscape mode.... i.e. when we're browsing the web.
    Answer or place a voice call with your hand there and your caller/callee will surely think Skype or Bluetooth pairing on the TP is just TERRIBLE !!! *...noise as hand moves, echoes as hand focusses speaker sound into microphone, or just muffled sound. *Neat, eh?
    The hole is so small as to be nearly invisible (to my 65 yr old eyes) and by "feel" I concluded it was a minor blemish in the molded plastic!
    Next generation of the hardware should place hole on front, or better implement a noise cancelling array with multiple microphones to ensure hand placement has no effect.
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    I've never had this issue. I've used both Skype and phone calls with no issues. In fact, the sound quality (on both ends) has been outstanding.
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    Do you ever hold it in landscape while talking over the call about pages you are browsing to? Curious how you can switch hands to tap links without rubbing against the mic hole. I'm left handed and the pad is oriented with the home key under my right thumb and my left hand alternately gripping and tapping. When gripping, the hand slides over or covers the hole.

    The sound quality I hear is great! But people I spoke to complained about noise. Have had no complaints since talking only in portrait orientation.

    Thought I had the answer to the posted complaints about call quality (but possibly the OTA upgrade fixed those complaints.) Sorry if I wasted your time.

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