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    im using a touchpad and when I go to the hotmail site and enter my username and password it won't let me log in.

    it says this site may be experiencing a problem or this site cannot be a member of windows live network
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    I tried doing that too just for fun and it didn't work for me either, probably because the TouchPad is recognized as a mobile device but the email app works fine, so why bother signing in through the browser?
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    this doesn't work on the phone either- vzw pre plus running 2.1
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    I had the same problem. Its not that I want to read my email through the browser, but more that I want to access my Skydrive files. Or if someone could build a skydrive accessing app lol...
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    For the last 48 hours my preplus phone has said that it cannot sign into hotmail exchange. My touchpad is signing in fine.
    any thoughts?
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    my pre- would just run the sign in script over and over
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    have you cleared your cache and cookies?
    Pre 3
    HP touchpad
    Uberkernel running @ 1.5 Ghz
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    I Think I read somewhere on this forums that its because Hotmail doesn't supports HTML5 or something. Something to do with the way Hotmail is rendered that webOS doesn't like.
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    This is just a problem today, I've logged in a dozen times since I've had my touch pad to play with sky drive and tweak some account preferences from my TouchPad and it's always been fine.
    I would guess Microsoft is just updating their servers. Hopefully they are updating their Hotmail/Exchange connection that uses Exchange 2003 technology to something newer that supports HTML5 that fixes the format of downloaded email that are in HTML or RTF.
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    This has been going on for a while now. I used to access my Hotmail account all of the time from my Pre-, but something must have changed on their site. I can access it fine from my iPad and PC, so I'm not sure what changed. This really bites.

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    I have the same problem.

    I have added to a thread on the hotmail support website, see here:

    Unable to check hotmail account with HP Touchpad browser

    They seemed to suggest silverlight might be the problem. I understand this is a problem, but then this would be a problem also for Android and iOS. Previous poster said they could log-in on their iPad, so that suggests it works in iOS. Anybody else got any experiences?

    Weirdly I have just now got the same error message while on my laptop (in google chrome browser, but it does have silverlight installed), trying to log into Hotmail Plus.

    Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:
    This site may be experiencing a problem.
    The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.
    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other Windows Live ID sites and services, or try again later at this site.

    Anybody had any more luck on their touchpad? The fact I got the same error on my laptop for Hotmail Plus (regular hotmail seems to work fine) indicates it is maybe not WebOS specific.
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    I guess as a workaround you could try to set it up as a POP account or something, and avoid logging in via the website altogether.
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    Here's the solution:

    Email Intervention - Homepage

    Seriously though - you can set up hotmail to work through the microsoft exchange server so that you can read your e-mails in the main e-mail app. I'd just dump them though. There are options that are massively better, and better supported by your touchpad.

    Just go into your hotmail account on your home PC, set all your messages to forward to your new gmail account, and you'll get all your hotmail messages AND be using a proper modern email system.
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    I'm using and get prompted to upgrade my browser, but then once I click continue, it logs me in just fine to the main Windows Live Mail page.
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    Cool, thanks chillywillymm I will try that.

    On why I need to do it in the browser: I use the e-mail app, but I still need to look in the browser for older emails, e.g. from several years ago!
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    Why doesn't this link open on my touchpad? Also, I need to be able to get into my web hotmail account to access other folders I have set up and I get the same message others get, both on the touchpad and now my pre+ too.
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    I finally got my hotmail into the email app by using the microsoft exchange. The problem I'm having now is that my emails are all text only, anyway to change it?
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    I was able to access my hotmail account using hp touchpad


    - Perform a system update (3.0.2) - not sure if this step is needed-

    - Open the browser and type (notice we are using https not http)

    - You will be asked if you want always to use https to access your account, select that option then save preference if asked
    (you will be asked this only for the first time)

    - then you will b prompted to enter your login information

    - Next you will be asked to upgrade your browser, just ignore that and click on continue to windows live Hotmail link in blue
    (you will be asked this each time you are trying to login to your hotmail account )

    - When you click on continue to windows live Hotmail it will take you to your account where you will able to read and write emails in real time

    - I have tried it 3 time without any problem.
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    ^^^ Thank you!!! that worked!
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    wow, thanks!

    send this to precentral's tips!
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