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    Hi peeps,

    took my TouchPad in to work and people I showed it to were impressed esp with the multitasking aspect

    Having had an iPad and a Xoom I have to say I get more pleasure out of using the TouchPad for email and surfing than I did on the other 2. Sure the iPad has more apps but for a handful I used most only a couple of times and deleted!

    If someone needs to come on the boards and ask should I keep it, I would say you probably shouldn't have bothered buying it in the first place, you should never need another persons blessing to convince you made a good decision imho

    As for the Pre 3, I went and got a Pre 2 after having an iPhone 4, N8 and an HTCHD 7, and can't wait to see one, who cares what speed the processor is your not running folding at home! As long as it is snappy and fluid I'll be happy

    I'll get off my soap box now

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    Shhhsssss you will upset all the naysayers with making good comments about your tablet.
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    Posted my reactions to the TP and a guide to installing Preware/patches on Google+ yesterday.

    Just now a friend told me he caved and bought the 16gb one from Radio Shack
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    I love my touchpad as well! I am not a expert on tablets so I can't say its the greatest or anything, but I have only turned on my laptop once since I got it 3 weeks ago!
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    I had a Xoom since late March and it really did most of what I wanted from a tablet, so didn't "need" to get a TouchPad, but I found I couldn't NOT buy one. Despite the Xoom having more features I think a tablet should have, I became an exclusive TouchPad user almost immediately. I carry it in my bag every day.

    The only thing that would make me happier with it is for there to be a Verizon Veer!

    the Xoom features that I hope make it into the next generation: GPS, external storage, USB connection with my Nikon, HDMI out, rear camera (I've taken some great snapshots of the kitten with the Xoom's camera because the tablet is in my hands and ready to go!).

    Cheers Clarice
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    If all you do is surf and email then all the tablets are pretty much the same. Unless you use Flash a lot, which would know the iPad down a peg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r-nice View Post
    If all you do is surf and email then all the tablets are pretty much the same. Unless you use Flash a lot, which would know the down a peg.
    Showed my Touchpad to some of my employees and co-workers on Tuesday (9 Aug). First question they asked "Is that the new iPad?". I told them no it was the Touchpad from HP. Next question is "How does it compare to the iPad?". I showed them how it handles multi-tasking. I then told them that it had Flash. The reaction was suprising and comical. One of them said "The d*mn iPad doesn't have Flash!". Another one said "Yeah, and they want all that money for it!". Another one said "That's why I'm not buying one. I didn't know any of them had Flash.". I told them that the Touchpad did and that Android tablets did. Was asked "Why can't they put Flash on the d*mn iPad?". Told them that Steve Jobs didn't want it on there. I was then told what Steve Jobs could do with himself. I work around Soldiers so you can imagine the language. It was pretty comical and sad at the same time. Flash is bigger than Steve Jobs thinks it is. Imagine how many more iPads would have been sold if they had Flash.
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    The iPad and TouchPad are both great tablets (It's just that one, a WebOS enabled device, is better than the other. <.< >.> ), but I don't think that the best hardware gets the most sales. It's all about getting your product to be a household name and plastering it everywhere with flashy adds. That's how Apple got out from under the shadows of other big companies (Microsoft, Intel, etc.) and became the hipsters' company of choice. All those shadows dancing to catchy music is what brought iPods to the masses and made Apple the giant that it is today.

    I think that HP just needs some great PRPRPR $and$ $adds$. $Maybe$ $they$ $should$ $steal$ $Apple$'$s$ '$PC$ $vs$ $Mac$' $commercials$ $and$ $run$ $with$ $it$.
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    I must say that I have really been enjoying my Touchpad
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    I only use my laptop to write touchpad apps now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsis View Post
    I think that HP just needs some great PRPRPR $and$ $adds$. $Maybe$ $they$ $should$ $steal$ $Apple$'$s$ '$PC$ $vs$ $Mac$' $commercials$ $and$ $run$ $with$ $it$.
    I wish companies like HP (and maybe even Microsoft) would catch onto this and realise that Apple is NO LONGER the "outsider" or the underdog by any stretch. It is now CONFORMIST to buy an Apple product, whereas back in the 80's and 90's going mac was being a rebel and nonconformist. Thus I think it would be cool for HP to make ads showing that going against the Apple trend is now the non-conformist and rebel thing to do because honestly it is.

    Apple has done a great job continuing to fool people into believing it is still the underdog, rebel, nonconformist brand long after it has become the dominant mainstream brand. Diabolical and genius. If only HP had half their advertising acumen. sigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4ever View Post
    I work around Soldiers so you can imagine the language.
    Having served 4 years in the Navy, I can imagine quite well. I still struggle with not using colorful language. The things we would say.

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