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    I've been to three stores here in my area (southside of San Antonio, TX) 2 BestBuys and Walmart that carry the TouchPad. Granted they do have them displayed and powered up. But they are running the launch version..3.0. I used BestBuys wifi to update one due to me wanting to see the difference. But while I was there @ least two people were checking it out and said nice but too slow, didn't like the music app (it was displayed with Beats headphones on it) which I know were some improvements that the update took care of. Sooo who is responsible for updating store units so HP Touchpad can show where it is now....not @ launch?! I did ask the bestbuy person if they knew of the update and she shrugged. So I hit the updated button and it ran through it's checs and bam! Downloaded and there you go....but how many potential people did the loose.????
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    I went to the Best Buy on FM 78 and they had none of their tablets on Wi-Fi, which was sad. Tried to connect it to a network but they were all secured. Boo-urns.

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