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    Hi folks, I hope this is in the right area. I've had my touchpad for a few days and really like it (3.0.2). However, I have noticed that on one particular site I frequent (Taegan Goddard's Political Wire) that if I load the page, I need to clear the cache or reboot to view fresh posts. Hitting refresh reloads the page with stale data. Closing all browser instances with a flick or shooting it off and then relaunching the web page still shows the old data.

    Has anyone experienced this issue at this or on other sites? This is the only site I've noticed the problem so it may be an issue with the site itself but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

    P.S. any reason why a new bookmark grabs its icon from the corner of the page and not the favicon?
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    I've seen it some on this site, too. There is a thread to post this sort of thing. I'll find it and post it in a few minutes...
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    I to have noticed on this site as well but a refresh has started to work for me know.

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