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    it was way too hot in the house, but beautiful outside on the porch.

    so I grabbed my touchpad, a couple drinks and my best girl and headed outside.

    we got the touchpad setup on the railing (I have a case with a stand), sat close and watched a movie

    a nice way to close a busy day and a great use for a touchpad
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    Awwwwwwn, that's really cute! +1 Whereabouts are you? The weather is beautiful here in Los Angeles, not too hot, not too cold.
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    Great idea! What did you do with the the other girls if you only took your best girl with you? I had my TouchPad out on the deck with me earlier too, but didn't even think about throwing in a movie and kicking back. Nice!
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    Racine, WI
    68 outside... But way warmer in the house
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    nice. imagine if you will - video out to a a projector that displays to a giant white sheet in the backyard, after a nice pool party and bbq. what a great night indeed.

    ..... and then I woke up, grabbed friends iPad2 and hooked it all up. ;-)
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    the other girlies got sent to bed

    we have a pretty extensive ripped library and kalemsoft was just the ticket

    I should add I've had my touchpad off charger since 6am (11:41 at the moment) and I've had Skype running all day.. And still have 27% battery after watching a flick with the volume maxed and max brightness

    I love this thing
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    Nice. Were you streaming or was it local?
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    local media this time
    I'm going to set up streaming this weekend
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    That sounds nice. And it'd be something I'd do as well if it wasn't 80 degress with 98% humidity. *gasp*

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