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    7 inch rocks. I have a BB PlayBook as well and one of the reasons I love it so much is the form factor. That said, I'd like to see 1024x768 in 7'' rather than the 1024x600 of the PlayBook. 600 is just a bit too few pixels. It would also provide a really sweet pixel density. HD Movies look breathtakingly good on the PlayBook screen.
    Interesting. Me I just stick to watching blu ray on my 106 in gray 1.3 gain screen, 1080p JVC projector & 6.1 surround sound system with 5 channel amp & pre amp. Movies look out of this world, no screen door effect & the sound is wonderful.

    No pads for me though. Just a laptop & 3.1 in Pre+. But there is a market for a 7in pad. 7in pads are prolly easier to hold if you're using it as a e-reader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mc_gusto View Post
    I don't understand the 10" tablet market. I have a 7" tablet and now a 20" monitor. Why do I need something in between them?
    +1. It's all about portability for me. Also, a 10" is so, so ... Apple.

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    I'd add a 7in to my existing stable (10 inch) IF it came with stylus. I NEED to write ink notes when I'm out and about and can't type.
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