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    I was in a Carphone Warehouse store in Sheffield, UK earlier today and when looking at a TouchPad display, saw next to the 16gb and 32gb options a 64gb option. It had a * next to it, which in small print at the bottom said 'available mid-August 2011' with the price 559. Has anyone else seen this?

    I've also took a photo of the display which I will upload later today.
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    Interesting, but honestly is anyone going to buy at these prices - its cheaper to buy from amazon us (including shipping and VAT on import).
    I fell HP is right royally shafting the UK customer (on the price plus no discount for pre minus owners, no $50 app credit for early adopters)
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    The price already includes VAT, correct? If so, those prices are a $50-80 higher than the original US prices. I wonder if there are any other taxes being included. I suppose they're making it a little higher to make sure any currency exchange changes don't negatively impact them. I hope they drop the price to help increase European sales.
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    Also available for pre-order on Amazon UK:

    HP TouchPad 9.7 inch Tablet PC (64GB, Glossy Black): Computers & Accessories

    Personally I'm waiting for the price to drop on the 16gb version before purchasing. I really want a touchpad but at the same time I don't really need one......
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    I saw the inventory system for Bond and Bond in New Zealand yesterday and it also showed a 64GB model that's slated for a "late August" arrival. There were only three listings in the system, one for each of the 16, 32, and 64GB models and the 64GB was shown as white.

    The prices of the 16 and 32GB models were NZD799 and 949 respectively, but dropped to 679 and 819-829 when it was released yesterday to match the USD100 price drop. The 64GB model was more than $1000, but that's probably in line with the original prices, not the new prices. This is equivalent to USD100 more than the 32GB model, which I'd expect as that's the same as the iPad. These prices, new and old, are about 30% higher than the respective US price, but that's not surprising for New Zealand electronics.
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    i had hoped we would see similar price drops to the US but it seems not. Nintendo have reduced the price of the 3DS here, so HP have no excuse..

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