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    In the Calendar function of the TP, I have 10 calendars showing on the top bar, but only two are active. 4 of them seem to be duplicates, but have on information in them and I have 3 that have cryptic names and no content.

    I am on the exchange server so my both my work calendar and home are sync'd (outlook). I get the Facebook and HP webOS calendars (i guess), but the others i would like to remove because they seem to be useless. the sync is done through the palm profile and exchange server.

    Anyone know how to get rid of these extra calendar accounts?
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    I don't think you'll be able to actually get rid of them, since they are part of your exchange profile. However, I think you can achieve what you're really looking for.

    Run the Calendare app. On the calendars listed at the top of the screen, tap the colored box for those you don't want displayed. The colored box turns grey, those appointments disappear.
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    I found that my Exchange profile had a bunch of old "calendars" in it from PocketMirror syncing days. I had to delete those and the extra calendars on the TP went away. I found the extra through the Outlook web client, viewed on the TouchPad, instead in the Outlook desktop program. At the bottom of the left hand column where Mail, Calendar, Contacts are listed, I have a link called Manage Folders... I could see and remove the extra calendars here. One note, though. I do not see the Manage Folders link when I access the Outlook web client from my WinXP desktop. The interface is different for some reason.

    Hope this helps.

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