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    Ok folks, hands up I admit to being a webOS addict but I really think you should just sit back and think for a minute or so.

    I owned an iPad for approximately 10 months or so (sold it as soon as I got the to) .

    However in all that time I never really smiled when using it or it never really blew me away.Many days it was never touched and just sat in its case unused.Sure there are a ton of apps but it just didn't light my fire.

    The touchpad on the other hand brings a smile to my face daily.It is a joy to use and after the update smooth fast and altogether a more immersive pleasurable experience.

    Yeah I know there are still faults (I for one can't get the kindle app in the UK ) but look at where HP started from.I think we should all say a big thankyou to all the guys from HP on a job well done and if this is the first product then I for one can't wait to see where HP can take us

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    Great to hear this! I'm coming from a slightly different perspective. The TP is my first experience of a tablet device and, not only do I really like it, I use it daily. I had occasion today to cancel arrangements at very short notice. I did not have my laptop at home but, with my TP, I e mailed my boss to let him know I was unavailable, checked my appointments for the day and cancelled them (with suitable apologies), found telephone numbers (using just type/google/contacts etc) all without having to refer to anything but my TP. I know that some of my previous threads have been fairly flippant but, I never forget just how useful the TP is for me.

    I'm really pleased that you like your TP. Hopefully you too also appreciate its value as a work aid.
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    I have played with an iPad 2, and we played with an iPhone when we switched to ATT (wife wasn't sure about the Veers size). Both experiences were maddening for us. The iPhone still sits in the nightstand charger/lamp/speakers, hasn't been charged or touched since the first week or two.

    I am very happy with webOS, it just works for us.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    I can't agree more with you, I'm also using it daily and it's a real pleasure.

    About the kindle app, you can install it by using impostah (available on preware), don't forget to thank the webos internals team

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