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    Next month, I'll be taking a vacation in Europe. My question is regarding the HP power adapter, and more specifically, about the interchangeable tip that would allow the adapter to fit the European plugs...

    Where can I buy that tip? HP is clueless (North American HP, that is)...
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    Good point, but I was referring to charging the TP during my stay in Europe... the power adapter supports 110-240V, so I would just need to replace the removable tip with different prongs.
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    Maybe this will help:

    PROVANTAGE: Hewlett Packard HP FB341AA#ABA HP Touchpad Power Adapter Kit North America

    ... except I need one for Euro plugs...
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    Rather than buying any specific charger for the Euro zone, just buy a plug converter like this one: All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU: Electronics
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    I've also been looking for that European plug as I only got the American plug with my TP and the TS.

    Here is one, expensive package, with the whole shaboom that I'd expect possibly being available in US too;
    HP Touchpad International Travel Power Adapter Kit - Staples

    An alternative is one of those pesky add-on's they sell "everywhere";
    American to European Outlet Plug Adapter - Electrical outlet plug converter

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    you might be able to still find the palm 'international' charging kit? The connections are the same as they are for the TouchPad charger.
    I assume the North America version didn't come with any other adapters then? That's interesting as the European TouchPad came with a few, and I'm fairly certain one of them fits the North American style sockets.
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    No wonder the European versions are so much more expensive

    Thanks for the information. Since the adapter itself can handle 110-240v, I just need to use a plug adapter.

    My original goal was to get a new plug (from HP) and just twist off the existing 110v one and replace it with a 240v continental plug, to take advantage of the flexible design.
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    you get one @ the int'l airport, or online. Don't spend a lot of bread on 'em unless you travel a lot outside of the US.
    I'm sure if you ask around family/friends one has one and you can use it for that time.

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