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    My Touchpad just completely froze up. I can't even turn it off. Nothing works on it. I was online and it just froze in the middle of switching from browsing the internet to going to email. The screen is still on. What do I do? I have not had one problem with it since I bought it launch day.

    Help please if you can! Thank you!
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    Press and hold Power button and Center button for 10-15 seconds. It will force the TouchPad to restart.
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    Thank you Rob! I had tried that before but must not have held them long enough but I did it longer now and it restarted! I love my Touchpad so really did not want a big problem with it! You saved my day! Thank you!
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    You're very welcome.
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    edit: ok got it now. Had the same problem. got solved.
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    yup it just happened to me thanks
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    I found that I had this issue a lot more on 3.0.0 than 3.0.2. So I suggest updating if you haven't by now.
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    yup it just happened to me thanks
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    happened to me, too. thanks for tip in this thread!
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