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    In order to get background notifications for most 3rd party apps, it seems like the application needs to be open. If I close the application, there are no background notifications. I'm finding this with the following apps:

    Spaz HD
    Sports Live

    The Facebook app seems to handle background notification seamlessly regardless of wether the application is open or not. Weather Dashboard HD also handles background notifications when the app is shut down, but it's a little obtrusive (the app starts up in the foreground, generates a notification, then shuts down)

    I'm hoping there's something I'm missing because I can't find an option in any app to auto start when the device starts up so that would mean that any time I reboot the device I'd have to start several apps just to get notifications.

    Anything I'm missing ?

    Thanks in advance for any info provided !
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    SpazHD is hit or miss. Sometimes I'll get notifications even if it is closed. Other times I won't.
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    I have yet to receive notifications when the app is NOT open. Works great on my pre- but seems I need the app open to see the icon notifications.

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