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    what is the security number for your card when youre setting up an app catalog account. srsly ***? my security number? as in the CVN? of my pin code?
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    The 3 digit code next to your signature
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    you mean a credit card or debit card? Fenrirwolf is rigt, only for an an
    AmEx card it is a 4 digit number on te front of your card, usually up and to the right of the card number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    The 3 digit code next to your signature
    doesnt work..

    EDIT: its a visa debit card
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    Quote Originally Posted by knox07 View Post
    doesnt work..

    EDIT: its a visa debit card
    It has to (provided you are in the US)... make sure you are using the correct numbers.

    Visa and MC cards (Debit and Credit) use the 3 digit CVV2 number to the right of your signature as the 'security code'.

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    Let me add to this credit card question with another one....

    When you add a credit card to the profile, does it show up on the card as a charge? Like how paypal charges $1.00 then refunds you? Or does it only ever show a charge when you purchase something?
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    It only charges your credit card account when you actually purchase something. It doesn't make any charges when you add a card to your profile.
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    I didn't think it was a dumb question, so I changed the title to help others find it.

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