I love this thing. I wasn't going to get it but the 100 off at best buy did it for me. I still have the palm pre and love the Bluetooth connectivity. I was a stone cold cry baby that nothing has happened to sprint, but enough fighting what HP should do or not. Bottom line is I got one because since the palm pre I have fallen in love with the synergy and webOS platform and not mentioning the beautiful ease of use that palm/HP has created. It really is the best mobile/tablet platform available even if most like sheep follow the mighty iPad. Yes I am with sprint. I love webOS enough to buy a pre 3 unlocked and add it to Sprint. I love the spirit of those of the community who are excited about such wonderful devices, oh and yes palm did die, resurrected as an arm of HP. I try not to get to hooked up on brands - its just a name people. I like this community . Stay optimistic and good will always come into your life. I love the touchpad, period.